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  • Keith can you call me 1409838-1009

  • Awesome study, I loved your book and have wanted more teaching since I read it. Thank you pastor Keith for making God’s name known!

  • Toda raba Bro. Keith for your continuous effort sharing the biblical truth regarding the Proper name of our Creator…. you’re a berakah. I’ve just watched the Part two of The Name Explained… Be Baruch!

  • I sent twice and did not mean TOO! So I will finish! The Gideon Bible Restorers stated this; “We have therefore addressed and updated the spelling of some words, and the appearance of some old letters, for the sake of American readers ease of comprehension. Many times this simply meant changing an apparent f to an s; a y to an i; (may this be the source of the i of iisus from Greek? just speculating here! continuing).. a v to a u; an i to a j; and so forth”. The J came from a printers style change but what if the last change was based on the oldest correct translation of the i to a Y and thinking it was an intermediate change, not a I? I am struggling here and not explaining this well: so help me think this thru Keith! Just finished the new “the NAME of the LORD Encountered and I am ready to begin studying again with you! Rick I am also going thru the “The NAME Explained Series” Thank you for all the work you have already done and I am Thankful for Reggie White!

  • Logged in as William; but I am (lower case) Rick Jones. Keith You blessed me beyond measure with the call! : ) Incommunicado from the 16th thru the 27th on a Cruise and found something interesting about the NAME, in the 1599 Geneva Bible restoration of 2006-2010. I read it on the cruise and also finished Nehemia just before landing at Portland!
    Didn’t you have a partner in crime for awhile named Nehemia? I digress! About the Geneva Bible, I do not know if you received my email or not, so this may be a repeat. The Preface, states there were as many as 150 printings of the Geneva Bible in 75 years. William Bradford and his community knew the Name of God because they placed it on his Tombstone as the first word which we discussed I believe!
    The Restorers of the Geneva Bible explained the how and why of what they did! I believe because I have seen the Tombstone that they actually spoke the name correctly way back then! So an explanation of the new Restorers on pg viii in the front reveals what method the enemy used to hide the NAME again!

  • Thank you for this message. I hope it posted on my Facebook correctly. I’m not all that literate when it comes to the IT stuff.

  • Thank you Keith for sharing what YeHoVaH has shared with you. The work you are doing is truly a blessing and an opportunity for countless numbers, myself included. How glorious they are, the Creator YeHoVaH and His Word (The Living Torah, Yeshua).

    Strength and blessings upon you in YeHoVaH through His Son, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach! Shalom

  • yes i will pray
    love it!! Awesome!!! His Name is His Nature , YeHoVaH, Above All !!! in charge of time and space ,He slumbers not and is not hinder by what He has created and delights in whom He has birthed.