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  • Shalom! I’m new to this site but not new to hashem.
    Looking forward to these new teachings. Thank you Mr. Johnson.

  • I’m not sure that I understand this properly but it seems to me that if Yehishua (Yeshua) means Yehovah Saves then the name Yahweh just doesn’t fit. How could Yehishua mean Yahweh saves?

  • Toda raba Bro. Keith… You’re a blessing to everyone mostly to people who keeps on reading and finding the truths of the Almighty Yehovah… Keep your obedience to the Father… Metsuyan Pastor Keith!

  • How can I watch again the Part one? Thanks for the video

  • I just wanted to leave a little note thanking everyone for the hard work involved in putting together this webinar. I watched the episodes twice. Watched and read the extra material available.. Wonderful teaching.. I liked it so much that I have started learning the Biblical Hebrew .. Jonah. It may take a long time .. at 63 the mind doesn’t seem to memorize as well as it did earlier in life.. But it is so very fascinating. Thank you. I pray that everyone involved in this project, be so very blessed in their journey on earth.