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  • Thanks so much for let me in on your site. This tree lesson was really good. I hope you will try to answer the question about Act.20:18. And if you have time I would like to talk to you on the computer some time if you have time. I have study eschatology for about 20year and you and Nehemia has help me al lot. It is hard for me to write in English so it is better to speak and se the face. So I hope you have time and don’t worry about the time I am free so if it should be at night time for me that is not a problem. I won’t to now you more. Stefan from Sweden

  • Shalom! I’m new to this site but not new to hashem.
    Looking forward to these new teachings. Thank you Mr. Johnson.

  • I’m not sure that I understand this properly but it seems to me that if Yehishua (Yeshua) means Yehovah Saves then the name Yahweh just doesn’t fit. How could Yehishua mean Yahweh saves?

  • Toda raba Bro. Keith… You’re a blessing to everyone mostly to people who keeps on reading and finding the truths of the Almighty Yehovah… Keep your obedience to the Father… Metsuyan Pastor Keith!

  • How can I watch again the Part one? Thanks for the video

  • I just wanted to leave a little note thanking everyone for the hard work involved in putting together this webinar. I watched the episodes twice. Watched and read the extra material available.. Wonderful teaching.. I liked it so much that I have started learning the Biblical Hebrew .. Jonah. It may take a long time .. at 63 the mind doesn’t seem to memorize as well as it did earlier in life.. But it is so very fascinating. Thank you. I pray that everyone involved in this project, be so very blessed in their journey on earth.