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  • The question which led me to discover the name Yehovah was:
    WHAT IS THE NAME OF ‘THE FATHER’ whom Yeshua refers to all the time?

    Episode 4 is solid gold, giving all (and more) of the most important answers that I found during my two year quest to solve this mystery. How tragic that YeHoVaH is screaming his name all through the Bible (6827 times!), yet a person like me could grow up drowning in ‘Bible teaching’ for >40 years yet never even know the name YeHoVaH. Thanks Keith (& Nehemia & Michael) for having the courage to LEAD US OUT OF LIES into the glorious light of truth in Yehovah’s name.

  • Episode 2. 24 carat GOLD @ 34-36min! Hallelu Yehovah!

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.