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  • Shalom Beloved!
    a reply to Carol’s misunderstanding of the 7th day Shabbat and Rosh Hodesh. Rosh Hodesh (head of the month in Hebrew) occurs when the first sliver of the new (renewed light) moon is sighted from the Land of Yisrael (where the Creator’s time is reckoned from) to begin a new month (29-30 day period). It has NOTHING to do with determining the 7th day Shabbat. The 7 day week plan was set by our Creator during the week of creation (B’resheet/Genesis 1-2) and has NEVER changed. Notice that the moon was not involved at all in determining each day of creation. The moon (the lesser light to rule the night) wasn’t even created until day 4. Abba only numbered the days and only named the 7th day as Shabbat (rest – in Hebrew) which is what He did and has asked all of His creation to do the same…..follow Him! And He is ALWAYS RIGHT! In our culture today, we have inherited the Roman pagan calendar (which was inherited from former pagan cultures and practices) which also names each day of the week with false god names, example – Sun-day….the sun god worship day; and Saturday…..Saturn’s day, another false god…..who also has a planet with the same name. Imagine that??!! since many humans before us and still today worship the heavenly bodies). I believe that our Creator has said something about this too, you know??!!!! (see Sh’mot/Exodus 20, 23) These can easily be looked up in various resources, one imparticular is This website has articles online (and a book of the same name) you can read and research. It reveals many of the inherited lies and deceptions and false teachings and false practices and traditions we ALL have inherited. Check it out for yourself and always ask The Holy One of Yisrael what His TRUTH really is. He should know, right???!!!! He wrote the original text. And then even as the Messiah Yahushua said, “Come, follow ME!” [i.e., turn away from (repent) that which is not pleasing to Abba and learn and do His Ways His Way!] May our awesome Abba bless you with a revelation of His LOVE and TRUTH!
    Grace and peace to you and your family! 🙂

  • Hi Carol, It’s taken me a few years to figure out the “TIME.” I have a few pointers to help you. Days begin at sundown, weeks begin after the weekly sabbath has finished (Sundown Sat night, Sabbath begins Fri at Sundown. Rosh Hodesh is the “head” (beginning) of the new month. For the new year to begin, the barley has to be AVIV (a certain stage of ripeness) in Israel and there has to be a “sliver” of the new moon (Rosh Hodesh). So, sundown March 13th began a new year as well as a new month. When you have time, you can look at Nehemia Gordon’s website: There is a holiday calendar on there. Both he and Keith Johnson have sighted the new moon and various holidays together. Michael Rood also has a calendar you can look at online and purchase when it’s available. I use this one and then get e-mails every month from both Nehemia and Michael about the beginning of the month. It’s very helpful. Michael has worked together with Nehemia Gordon and other specialists like Astronomer Robert Scott Wadsworth to put together the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar. Keith Johnson also knows these folks really well decided to find out the correct time for himself and has a unique perspective in his videos. I love the fact that Keith goes to talk with various people including
    Catholics, Orthodox Jews, and Muslims to get their spin on the time. The Muslims appear to go by the Sliver of the New Moon to gauge the beginning of the month. If that is the case, then I am in agreement with them for that one issue. It seems they stress the importance of Moses as well as Abraham. That’s what Video #2 talks about. Wow, I’m so glad Keith is researching all these things! Thanks Keith!

    Shalom and Blessings.

  • Shalom, Shalom. O.k. I finally got this. I failed math in school but Yehovah knew I would come around to His MATHEMATICAL TIMECLOCK. The first Rosh Chodesh or New Moon, sighted after the budding of the barley, IN JERUSALEM, also begins the BIBLICAL NEW YEAR. The DAY AFTER Rosh Chodesh begins the counting of the six-day workweek and then day after the workweek begins the SABBATH.

  • Keith, you and your team are doing an excellent job! This entire project is awesome and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  • Keith, Please read the Jesuit OATH. It is viscious and bloody. These people mean business. If you cannot get a copy on fb, email me and I will send it to you. The devil we have may be worse than the devil we didn’t get. Shalom

  • Shabbat Shalom! Definately a lot of suspense going on. Did not know about St. Francis’s name being Peter. However, with this new pope being a Jesuit, he is already the ‘Black Pope’. With the name hidden name of Peter, I would imagine that ‘sealed the deal’.

    The mission of the ‘Black Robes’ is to EVANGELIZE and perhaps that is a code name for the new and improved INQUISITION. O.k. you got my attention. but please don’t tell me that Islam is the closest to Yehovah’s Calendar? Well, all three have ‘missed the mark’ but this should be interesting.

    My question is about Shabbat. I failed math in school so help me out here. Rosh Chodesh is supposed go be the same time? And if so, Shabbat would fall on every Saturday. BUT, from what I can see, after Rosh Chodest and you start counting, it doesn’t fall on Saturday. HELP!!

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