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  • In 2015, I had a dream that would have been highly unlikely for me. In my dream, many people were walking across the pavement headed in the same direction. I was walking opposite all others. At least three or four times in the dream, I would meet the eyes of someone and be told the exact same thing, “Go to the Vatican.” I awakened and immediately rejected the dream because I had no interest in going to the Vatican. Notwithstanding, in prayer, I told God that if He wanted me to go to the Vatican, I would go if He provided the means. outside of our normal income. Earlier this year, my younger daughter invited me on a trip to Rome. She invited me right after my husband received an unexpected bonus. I went to the Vatican two times during that trip. My daughter had arranged for us to go on the catacombs tour, also. None of us expected to be shown the bones of the Apostle Peter. The young priest that conducted the tour referenced a passage of Scripture that was spiritually- and prophetically- significant to me. At that point, I “knew” that my dream had come from God. I went to my room that night and conducted a word search on “bones” and then started prophesying to the bones of Peter, Paul, James, “Your bones shall live again!” (Allegedly all were executed in Rome.) Of course, I prophesied to the bones of all other believers executed for their faith, too. “Your bones shall live again!” I visited different sites in Rome meditating as to whether or not I would be able to submit to death because of my faith and praying that I would. I prayed for believers all over the world who are tortured and suffer for our faith in today’s world. I still don’t know exactly why God would send me to Rome, but I absolutely believe He did now. Because of this, I am now searching out the history of the early church. Thank you for posting this video, Keith! Many of us don’t have television subscriptions that include CNN.

  • Hey everyone I am SO happy that you were willing to watch this first episode of the Pope series, and no I am not becoming a Catholic! There is so much historical information with some “read between the lines” revelation in this episode that I found fascinating. My hope is that if and when you watch our 10-part Time Will Tell series this video will provide some missing pieces.

    Please forgive me for those of you who already know it all. I am getting an education on the history of this religion that has 1.3 billion followers and I hoped that you might learn something.

  • I skimmed through the video the first time just to see if Keith was going to come on. After reading some of the comments, I went back and watched the whole video (sometime just listening). The video was nothing more than a history of the church and the pope from the point of view of the western church at Rome and only mentioned the eastern church at Constantinople as it related to the church at Rome.

    The majority of churches we have today can be traced back to the church at Rome, but
    the church at Rome was only a copy of the original church that was built on the confession that Peter made to Yeshua that Yeshua was the Messiah (Matt. 16:18). And just as a copy is not quite like the original, the same can also be said of the church at Rome.

    Was Peter the first pope? There is no where in scripture that says Peter even went to Rome. We know that Paul did. In fact, if you look at historical evidence, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that it was Simon Magus who was the one who went to Rome with all his pagan followers, the same Simon Magus who tried to buy the gifts of God with money (Acts 8) and which the Catholic church still does to this day with their indulgences.

  • After watching, not confused, and then reading the comments of the confused, a statement made in this video stood out: paraphrasing: it said that as soon as the Christians no longer had to fight the ‘church’ they began fighting each other. Still happening.
    Unless we unite in out LOVE of GOD, no matter the church, color, etc, HE will not come or come back.
    Lay down your judgements of others, accept them as people, flawed as each of us are, and join together in love of HIM.
    It is God we must worship, not a man, any man, when we do that together, the Most wondrous thing will happen.

  • I, also, found the video to provide good foundational and historical information for understanding the origins of the early Christian church and the Catholic papacy. This is, of course, an overview. It is also, as Keith writes in the email, background information for viewing the Time Will Tell series. That is where you will find Keith’s perspective.

  • Where have you taken our Keith? lol

  • I too was waiting for Keith’s perspective but it never came . Rather disappointing

  • Thank you Keith. I actually found it very enlightening. I actually took it as a portrayal of the facts that brought a power-hungry organization to corruption which can happen to anyone of us without total humility and subjection to Yehovah. There were facts, assuming that’s what they were, that really shed light on what happened to the early church and it fits quite interestingly with the warnings issued by who I believe to be the true early church fathers – the writers of what we call the New Testament. In spite of what has happened to this organization, I know of several people who call themselves catholic that indeed have a sincere faith. Yehovah still has His people in every place. Thanks again Keith.

  • I was a bit surprised to see such a complimentary documentary on Roman Catholicism come from BFA as well, but as a long time owner of a copy of the Time Will Tell Series, I agree that it is a perfect foundational introduction. After watching the series, I think that most will understand why it is good background. I really appreciate the series and try to use it to communicate with others how we have become so disconnected from a proper understanding of the Old Testament. The relevance of how we understand time in relation to our faith cannot be understated.

    I first became aware of Keith through a friend of Nehemia. That friend first introduced me to the discrepancies between Biblical time and Church time in 2003. While many of the questions raised have been answered very well by Keith and Nehemia in the series, many many questions remain. There is much more work to be done and many differences in understanding to be reconciled. I urge everyone to recognize that antagonistic attitudes toward others who don’t understand will not accomplish the task before us.

  • I find it to be a very interesting history.

  • Dear Keith,
    I just finished watching this ‘must see’ video and am as puzzled as the others… Can’t seem to see where the catholics would be in any way ‘protesting’ this warm & fuzzy historical video about their role as peacemakers and guardians of the word? Please explain how this is the perfect segue into the ‘Time will tell series’. I’m missing the point Keith.

  • I can hardly imagine where this is going – This is so full of lies for the sheeple – I skipped through, much, hoping to hear some wonderful correction by Keith. Frankly the spirit on this is shocking, to say nothing of defiling .

    Some assurance that the correction is coming in the series would be helpful if I am to decide to watch this series.
    Meanwhile thank goodness for prayer to our Father to clean up from watching this garbage.

    And still love you Keith, shalom, shalom, Derek

  • In agreement with Glen & Sheila about this being a pro-catholic documentary. But also irritated with the way in which Constantine is portrayed as the wonderful Christian Caesar who tried everything he could to advance Christianity…. while he was in fact using religion to advance his kingdom and in fact stayed in his pagan religion up till his deathbed. No mention is made of course of the pagan inscriptions and pictures on his famous arch or even the coins while he reigned. He was the father of twisting Gods’ Word!! The second most irritating piece on this is the part where the Muslims seen to be such peace-loving people?? It really puts them in such a good….and terribly inaccurate…light!!? I tend to get irritated with 99% of documentaries on Christendom… at least 40% of facts are left out and at least another 40% are twisted. Our faith does certainly NOT stem from where they indicate here! Indeed….why is this a good thing to watch – riddled with half-truths??

  • Yes, Keith I am also confused about this video, I have a good understanding about the Catholic Church. this seem to be a Pro- Catholic Documentary, where is the Refuting of this said form of reasoning! I have been dealing with Catholic’s on a web site, that are impossible to reason with, they claim that we are all brainwashed, and they are of the Original Church, established by Peter, the First Apostle to be proclaimed as Pope. Which we know He would be turning over in His Grave at such an assumption! Please respond with a reasonable answer! Thank You!

  • Not being a fan of the Catholic church, and thinking that this organization’s founder, Keith Johnson was of the same beliefs, I am a bit confused as to why this video is being posted on the BFA site… it seems to be a very pro Catholic video…. I have never been a history buff but I do remember about 43 years ago, reading a rather thick book on the history of the Catholic church and it’s barbaric torture chambers to ‘convert’ people… in truth, for power and control, not for soul saving.
    I kept waiting at the end of the video for another video of Keith’s perspective on the CNN video… I’m a bit confused and disappointed.

    • When i first saw the video i was stunned that CNN put it up at all. Sure it is a bit sided, but you gotta expect that right? If you read between the lines, and apply the things YOU know as modern day reformers, i think the video is amazing place to start. It is rare that Rome allows a somewhat self deprecating documentary to be made. Is there room for more expansion on the nightmare that is Rome? Sure thing! Watch the “Time will tell” series. Watch The “Now is the Time” series. Watch the “Road to Reformation” series. I think i have not met any “reformers” as serious about a renewed covenant as Keith Johnson. I highly doubt he would promote Rome under any conceivable circumstance. Rather, he is in the middle of the fight! And its a good fight!! We must always ALWAYS be ready to examine information from opposing sources, or we will loose the day my friends.

      Blessing to all y’all who are in this fight!

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.