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  • Wow! We’ll be praying for you as always. You’ve blessed us so much – especially with the “Now is The Time” series!!!
    We didn’t think Israel was allowing flights from the U.S. We love you brother and pray for your safety and security while you’re carrying on with the work of Yehovah!!
    Thought you might be interested in Dr. Francis A. Boyle’s take on what is going on. He wrote the laws regarding what’s happening in this crazy world. The law was adopted by the U.S. and the U.N. unanimously. Very interesting insight on the crazy world we’re living in.
    Yehovah bless you and keep you!

  • I agree, I declare Jesus I still and always be sitted at the throne. We bind every pan, satyr spirit, cast it to the pit, Release the blood of Jesus who speaks better than the blood of able, and break every altar of fear in the nation’s, sound the shofars, and Relese the Angels of God to fight this battle in the heavens, we proclaim Shalom over every nation, in every family, the earth belongs to God, the souls belong to God. In Jesus name.
    Love your proclamation Keith.

  • Agreed my friend! Thank you for the encouragement.

    We are here waiting patiently in Israel for our “important meeting” next week. We are so excited.

    Safe Travels!

  • Keith,
    This timely message made me LOL! You know, I literally laughed out loud.
    The Longorias are praying for you, your travelling companions and meetings while in Israel.

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.