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  • Ahhh…how certain people risk their keyboard with opinions while certain people risk their lives for what they believe to be true. Is there at least a lesson in this?

    One should certainly admire the intense faith of those who are said to be “unbelievers”. Though I do now, and will always affirm YeHoVaH in and through YeHo-shua (Yeshua), I am humbled when I see the faith journey of believers like Yehuda Glick (and company) encounter a believing reality in a different way. Those with their “Messiah” should take notes.

    I imagine a heavenly 😉 as the event occurred. Thank you, Keith, for producing this.


  • If I could go up to the Mount, I would take my shoes off, be humble, and pray: “God, I know you’re getting mad. But I didn’t do it!”

  • Why does the location matter? Oh, maybe because it matters to YHVH. And yes, HE will fix it, when He is ready. But that does not make it unimportant in the meantime. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, why? Because location matters people. Location, location, location.

  • What year was this filmed, please? Things seem very tranquil on the Mount in the video as compared to the atmosphere we find now on the Temple Mount, with the hordes of screaming, shoe throwing women, etc.

  • Pedro is right and has cut to the heart of the Torah, that God wants us to be holy as He is holy and to worship Him in spirit, no matter what is our location or personal circumstance.
    Mt. Moriah is the place Yah has chosen and it stands before the world as a witness. Yah often takes the smallest things or most dire of situations to astound the world that mocks Him, and He raises up the humbled and brings glory to His name, by doing the “impossible.” Abraham and Sarah were as good as dead, but Yah brought forth Isaac and, through Abraham’s obedience and sacrifice, made Abraham the father of all nations. The Temple Mount today stands in ruins and as a garbage dump with chants of people who defy Yehovah with arrogance and hate, thinking that the God of Israel has forgotten Jacob. Another god is in the face of Yehovah and before the eyes of the world. But Yehovah will eventually laugh at them. He will restore righteousness and peace and His temple Presence to His Holy Hill. “Is anything too hard for God?”
    Before the eyes of the world God will do the impossible. He must glorify His name before the nations. The end result will be as in Jer. 3: 14-19. All people, the redeemed, will eventually call Yehovah “my Father, and shall not turn away from me.” Our faith is the proof of these things not yet seen.

  • With the respect to you Keith and what you believe and understand, but don’t you think that if God presence and name was meant to be there..why did he allow the Romans to destroy the temple ? and there after allow the arabs take over the spot. we need to reconsider now and ask ourselves does it matter with God what graphical spot we are to worship Him. Did not yeshua said to the Samaritan woman in john 4:21 : believe me woman the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father. Then he continues with the words in verse 23: nevertheless the hour is coming and it is now when the true worshippers will worship the Father with spirit and truth or indeed the Father looking for ones like these to worship Him, God is a spirit and those worshiping Him must worship in the spirit and truth. so as I understand yeshua words here..that what matters with God is not WHERE we worship Him. But the focus is on the HOW the personal aspect and not so much on what geographical stop we are to pray or worship him. In other words what matters with God is not the physical aspect of our worship, but the non physical aspect…just a thought I had.