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  • Karla Leversee-Mitchell
    October 18, 2015 at 1:44 pm  /

    I came on and began seeing the live feed video from this morning (USA time) after watching the video of “Who may ascend?” Sadly when I returned to the live feed, it was gone and marked private. I feel very grateful being reminded that today is the anniversary of the tragedy from last year. I am praying for all you on the ground in Jerusalem. Please keep safe and continue the work which YHVH has entrusted you with. Shalom

  • Keith, at around 40 minutes the video presents information casting doubt on the western wall being part of Herod’s Temple. I immediately thought of the revolt from 132 to 135 AD as a possible answer to this. Those who revolted would have placed the highest value on rebuilding Herod’s Temple. I believe it may have been they who started construction but perhaps didn’t get to finish because Rome returned and put an end to the effort. Jim

  • We had been listening to Yehuda Glick on YouTube before Keith had his “chance” encounter with him. I have always found him to have a heart for ALL people and a love for YHVH that is profound. When Keith and him crossed paths, we jumped out of our seats with joy! “This is NO accident!” We continued to follow Yehuda’s work until one day my wife wakes me up at 5am and says, “they shot him, they shot Yehuda” with tears we prayed for him and his doctors. It is a miracle he is alive, and YHVH’s hand is on him. Have you seen the video of Yehuda praying an acceptable prayer out of the Koran WITH happy Arab men ON the Temple Mount? It is beautiful. This is not someone who’s heart is set on revenge and control, but rather, forgiveness and fellowship. It is this man’s love of the place that YHVH put His name FOREVER, that makes him the light to all nations that he is. I think this project is long overdue, and right on time. May YHVH bless ALL who participate in this, and give us the information that leads to the inspiration that brings on perspiration from all the motivation. Let’s get to work people! Trowel in one hand, sword in the other!!!

  • Karla Leversee-Mitchell
    May 24, 2015 at 5:27 pm  /

    BFA has been an inspiration to me. I love the Prophet Pearls, leading me to listen too the Torah Pearls again. This video of the temple mount has me lifting my prayers to YHVH asking for provision. I hope that your feeling better, keep safe and know that the common ground has opened many people hearts and minds to your teachings.

  • There is hope for the future. The work Rabbi Glick has been doing in the last year is a good start at reacquainting people with the Temple Mount and stirring them up to seek our God in a serious way. There will be opposition, but we can trust that Yehovah will eventually do His part to fulfill His promises.
    The past year has been exciting. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.