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  • Please, why is there a study guide for only the first one?!?

  • Praise YeHoVaH.

  • Amen!! Thank you for making this simple and understandable. Yehovah get all the glory. And may His blessing continue to fill you with His joy 🎶 😊

  • Shalom ELOHIM bless you bro. abundantly,

  • Muchas gracias YEHOVAH lo bendiga.

  • Muchas gracias YEHOVAH lo bendiga mas y más.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes the 10 still matter! HalleluYah! I am just blown away by the in depth knowledge of scripture and language that is being shared at a time such as this! Wow! Can’t wait for the next Scripture Byte!

  • ָאנ ֹכִי יְּהוָה אֱֹלהֶׂיָ from down load pdf misses a dot in His name
    Where as in memory verse it has it

  • Where did they go, I love these! If you can please put them back online. Thank you for all the “Word” you’ve put out for all of us.

  • I love how the beautiful Hebrew language paints word pictures. Allow me to paint one. Once there was a tall girl who loved the one true God. With some help from faraway friends, she discovered His name, Yehovah! Oh the joy she felt! Her eagerness to know Him more led to even more truth. These fara way friends helped her understand bits of Hebrew which brought even more clarity to her many questions.
    Thanks for all you do with all my heart. Scripture Bytes and Prophet Pearls are like an amazing dessert after a long hike.

  • I LOVE THESE Keith!!! Keep up the GREAT work you are doing to further the Kingdom of יהוה Yahoveh!!! Thank you for the detailed explanations of the words [tense they are in] and vowel points too 🙂 I am looking forward to the rest [have already watched the first three!!!
    Blessings Brother!

    P.S. I am also helping you get the word out by sharing on my Scripture Page “Seeking TRUTH in The WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE” … to YAH be ALL THE GLORY!!!

  • Thank you so much for doing this series!!!!! I really look forward to the rest of the videos.

  • Wow!! That first BYTE was wonderful! Can’t wait for the next one, this message is so timely and everyone needs to hear it! Hope they will be available on DVD, gotta show it to friends & Family. Thanks Keith!!!

  • What a blessing. I loved this teaching and some of the language of my creator. Awesome!

  • WOW, I totally just got it. I had been wondering for months if my creator expected me to use his name, and here it is, he sets me straight and tells me and it has been there the entire time and I never knew it.

  • THANK YOU THANKS YOU thank you …

  • This is Great! I love hearing the Hebrew, and then knowing what it really means its the deep things of God. thks

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.