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  • Thanks!

  • I really loved this, I am relatively new to my Hebrew roots so I knew very little about this entire subject. I found you just in time to celebrate/remember Hanukkah. Thank you all for this wonderful work. I look forward to more of the same as I delve into BFA International.

  • Great video! But I want to point out that you misspelled the Hebrew word for Maccabees. The second letter should have been a kaf, not a qof. Thanks for all the beautiful camera shots of the land!

  • Thanks Keith & crew for bring a bit more meaning into my wretched little life of quiet desperation. Another reason to strive to enter Yah’s eternal kingdom: the history videos! One elohim, one camera, one mission!

    Once I visited the mountain of the house, just after purim, 1993. Payed special attention to the “dome of the spirits/tablets” which I was convinced was the holiest spot. Took many photos from there in a panorama. Probably the high moment of my time. Everything lines up from there.

    I remain a “neither” person but profoundly respect those who keep both observations; some do it in sincerity, despite the overburden of fantasy and tradition.

  • I enjoyed learning through this adventure. Such a beautiful place. Thank you.

  • I always am curious of what Irsael looks like. The sites, the stones, the people. I was happy with the video of your trip. The intro with music and image is super beautiful. It held the promise of a great piece of documentary. You ruined it a bit with your pre-intro. We don’t need to hear you whine about being alone for 3 jobs. Reporters do this all the time in Canada. The documentary: We finally got the real meaning of Hanukkah beyond the oil and lights. It was a fight for keeping the freedom to practice Torah and remove the worldliness / pagan practices and assimilation at bay in the land of Israel. How you put it together: Terrible, even for amateurs. The editing took every interviews out but for one! But you kept so much insignificant minutes of blabla about shopping, walking, coffee, pauses. All those wasted minutes. This is your style. A bit of information stretched into wasted time and money. If you are like me, you hate criticism. Even constructive one. I feel your pain. But please, consider being a bit more efficient.

  • It was good but you did not go into the symbols of Hanukkah. The menorah and the story of the oil. Did it burn for eight days and where did this come story come from? How they come up with the eight candle holder? The bible calls Hanukkah ” The Festival of Lights”. I was taught that it is supposed to be only one day and not the eight day Celebration that came from westernize culture and that the star(which adorns most menorah), so call star of David is wrong; supposedly it was called the shield of Solomon . During King Solomon’s reign he left the faith and dabbled in pagan worship. The symbol is pagan and evil, none the less you left me with more questions than answers. You should do a part 2. Shalom!

  • Nice story telling. Thanks.

  • Chag Sameach…and Chag Hannuak!!! Well done, and it’s good to see behind the scenes supporters like Rich and Margaret as stars, plus to see some friendly faces in Israel from Time Will Tell. Thanks, Keith!

  • Can’t help feeling like there’s a longer teaching in the works on this… but the scenes sure make me want to save my pennies and go to The Land

  • Thank you so much for this teaching and the radical experiences you went through to bring it to life, Rich, Margaret, and Keith! I know a lot about world history and how it applies to this day and age, Prophetically speaking, but I have never had the opportunity to have the real history of Hanukkah presented to me. This is one lesson I hold dear to my heart just as tightly as I hold the Feasts given to us in The Torah. This teaching clarifies why there was mention in the New Testament of our Messiah celebrating the Festival of Lights. I understand now why He did so. Even in His time it was a Remembrance of those that held fast and true to the teachings of both the Torah and the Prophets, proving there is nothing minor in all of Scripture. I hear and watch people say “The Bible is not a History book”, but it is that and more. Rich and Margaret, thank you for supporting Keith and this ministry!! Keith keep it coming because there is more to learn and show from a Hebrew Perspective that those of us who were churched our whole lives, and those not churched need to know. I was told over ten years ago that that and I quote in fear and trembling, ” You need to wake up!” and I awoke to The Voice at 3:30 am and to the calling I had been given. I started learning from that day on; blessed by those that have willingly given of themselves the lessons I needed to have to understand. I can’t thank each of you enough!!!

  • Well done Keith, Rich and Margaret! Thank you for sharing your journey with us – I have been greatly blessed!