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  • Even Solomon wasn’t arrayed as one of these ?…


  • I find your comment at the end regarding this solo series to be very precious. Just as YEHOVAH’s conversation with Solomon was intimate and personal, so I expect this teaching to be. Looking forward to the journey.

  • Just starting to dig into this study. Already heard some of the other teachings available and been very impressed and thankful for the gold that these teachings provide to all who take the time to listen and learn. Yehovah’s blessings to all those involved in this video/audio presentation. Shalom Mr. Johnson. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Thank you for your Holy Spirit lead insights, I look forward to this study for my morning devotional starting Aug 1st!

  • Thank you for this introduction! It really helped us to understand Shlomo and his question and beginnings. Your explanation of a “listening heart” and the answer of understanding and then wisdom – as including action – is wonderful food for thought! I am going to try to find some quiet to ponder them further — and to listen to any answers in the quiet! Thank you for this teaching series!!