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  • In the Open Door Series you made available the pronunciation of avinu name: Yehova. and now I want to bless family and friends with His name, not His titles. It has been very sad that for centuries we have not called on His holy name. This information should be available to all who want to hear!. And YES lets throw our little boxes about who God is and let Yehova be in us.

  • Do you remember the old radio or tv program Dragnet with Sergeant Joe Friday?When the three of you begin your broadcast I always think of Sergeant Friday and one of his more famous lines…..”just the facts ma’am, just the facts”.

  • Interesting and thought provoking, Todah Rabah

  • Glad you three are back together again and “getting outside of the box!” 🙂 It’s time to leave the comfort zones we may have been raised in for HIS zone [ways and thoughts that are much higher than our ways and thoughts]!!!
    Barauch Ha Shem Yahoveh!!!