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  • Yehovah be praised! Thank you and Nehemia for this study. It is such a blessing, especially right now. I really needed this to keep my eyes on Yehovah and not on what is going on.
    Ok, with that being said. On this section #7 Plus you guys had me talking to my phone. Kieth I was waiting for you to bring help to Nehemia, because I know Nehemia knows this because he brought this up in Episode 6 Plus (Joshua 3), really Nehemia “there are stones all over Israel, really? Just messing with you. I wish I had the ability to respond in real time, but I hope this helps.
    Joshua 3:1-17 and Joshua 4:1-12. John was dipping Yeshua in the exact spot the Ark of the Covenant was being held by the priests and Yehovah had them place the “Memorial Stones” ,to show Yehovah sending the physical Holy Spirit to rest on Yeshua just as he did on the Ark of the covenant, because Yehovah is going to make the entire world His (Yeshua’s) footstool. I know there is way more meaning in what is going on here and I was hoping Nehemia could bring more insight into what these stones mean in context of the repentance and outward washing going on here.
    I am learning so much, you guys are such a blessing. Thank you.

  • Hi Keith and Nehemia,
    Please would you transliterate the names of “God” when you translate the Hebrew text.
    I’m extremely keen to know what the Hebrew word in Matthew is, which is translated God.
    Very best, Linda

  • How do you spell Gunsberg?

  • ? Amein ?

  • I count myself in the prayer Nehemia prayed at the end, too, that I would also not put the words of men before the Word of God! Amen and Amen!

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.