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  • I just wanted to elaborate a little from my spirit point of view about the kingdom of God mention in Matthew 3:2. I believe when Matthew, Jesus, and Isaiah said the kingdom of God was near they were saying the Spirit of God was near because the Spirit of God is the kingdom of God and it resides in people of God. Jesus said to Nicodemus that we must be born into the Spirit of God to go to heaven. So that doesn’t say anything necessarily about the timing of the physical manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth in the end times but rather the physical proximity of the Spirit of God to the people concerned in the particular Bible passages.

    Also, the thief on the cross next to Jesus was told that he would see paradise that day with Jesus, so water baptism must not be absolutely required, as some others have pointed out.

  • Shalom, Keith – and kudos on HGP! You probably feel like the student most of the time with Nehemia, like sitting at the feet of the Great Gamaliel, cuz that’s how I feel, vicariously! … basking in the glow of Nehemia’s Big Brain … But seriously, I had some thoughts on#6 Plus; A voice calls out, “In the wilderness, prepare ye The Way of/for YeHoVaH! Make smooth in the desert a pathway for our God!” I now see this as a prophecy of and for Yeshua going INTO the wilderness for 40 days. I don’t think I ever made that connection until last night – if I did, I forgot. I’m giving You and Nehemia and Ruach Ha Qodesh credit on that one! What’s up with the ‘black’ belt? Was it given by the Essenes? Was John a blackbelt in Karate Karaism? Any mention of such a thing in DSS? Keep up the Good work!

  • Nicole Chaplain-Pearman
    August 9, 2020 at 11:35 am  /

    I watched it yesterday. My husband and I have watched the whole Gospel Pearls series so far and it’s been amazing. You two make an awesome team and continue to bring clarity to our understanding of Scripture on an ongoing basis. Whenever I listen to your teachings, I know I’m in for laser-like focus on the Word for the duration of the program, viz., no commercials, no merchandising, no politics, no froufrou, just Yehovah’s Word. Keep up the fantastic work Keith and Nehemia. Leave your critics to their baby milk of religion and stick to the meat of Scripture. Thanks for all the time, effort and study you put in to present these teachings.

  • Early in this episode regarding Mikvahs, the story of Naaman being sent to the Jordan by the prophet to immerse seven times to heal his leprosy popped into my mind (2Kings 5).

  • The/a naked baptism is also shown in “The Way of Life: The Rediscovered Teachings of the Twelve Jewish Apostles to the Gentiles” aka “Didache: A New Translation and Messianic Jewish Commentary” by Toby Janicki:

    In keeping with Jewish law, the “Apostolic Tradition” rules, “They shall take off all their clothes…the women, after they have unbound their hair, and removed their jewelry. No one shall take any foreign object with themselves down into the water… They shall stand in the water naked.”

    After I initially read that in the Didache, I stopped reading the Didache. After hearing Nehemiah talk about being invited to a young lady’s mikvah and the inappropriateness due to her being naked- if it were a Jewish mikvah- I’ll probably revisit the Didache.

  • Here’s a link that will be very useful for studying John in the Gospels.|reference=Matt.3%20Mark.1.2-Mark.1.11%20Luke.3.1-Luke.3.22|reference=John.1.1-John.1.34&options=HNVUG&pos=3

    Just scroll down to a particular Gospel in each column and compare.
    Keep reading.

    • The link isn’t fully working. Only the beginning of the link is “highlighted.” Could someone fix this to make the whole link working.
      Thank you.

      • L G, I tried to replace the full link but it is still only hyperlinking the first part. Readers, please copy the whole link and open a separate page. Thank you!

        • Well thanks for trying Karen. For those who check out my link, in order to reap the full benefits of the link, you will see + sign at the lower upper right corner of the screen so click on it and then click on the magnifying glass above it until you have four columns and scroll down in each column to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John so that you can the four texts side by side. Sorry that my link didn’t quite work out right.

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.