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  • I just recently became a member. I can not believe how much of a blessing this episode was. What translation of the Bible was Dr. Gordon reading from for Proverbs? As everyone surely knows Proverbs 8 is the book for the longest time that has been used by the Arians to say Jesus was a created being. I had no idea that proverbs 8:21 had that meaning in the Hebrew version he was reading. The mystery of God the Father has been hidden for most of the world and is only reviled to true seekers. I my deeps part of my heart I have always questioned the trinity and how could God be a trinity and also have a only begotten (Monogenēs) son. It took away from Gods love for us that he sent his only begotten Son to earth to lead us into repentance and to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ If this is true that early day followers of Yeshua believed this or knew this this is ground breaking. I can’t believe I am just hearing this. Yeshua I believe is God in nature because he inherited from his Father and God. The book of Hebrews and 1st John make this evident. Is this topic covered in any later portions and I have just haven’t gotten to them? If not could we please see more of this it is amazing and I don’t even think Dr. Gordon has realized what he has stumbled upon or maybe he does and just doesn’t want to stir the pot. May Yehovah keep blessing your studies.

  • Plus on this is over the top!! What an absolute treasure trove!! BTW. I bought the book and have yet to be disappointed. YHVH bless you both huge and stay strong!

  • Keith, I love that you two are taking your time with these studies versus, say, the original Torah Pearls. In those you had to get to a new Parsha every time so, often you had to rush through some great material. Here we are in pearl #5 and we haven’t got out of chapter two yet! I’m so looking forward to everything to come. Incidentally, because you are taking your time I’ve noticed that the two of you seldom interrupt each other anymore : ) Keep up the great work.

  • Why is my screen black . Only voices.

  • Thanks Keith & Nehemia,

    Absolutely loved it. Have they actually found Rachel’s real tomb?

    Anyway, I visited the traditional “Rachel’s Tomb” in Bethlehem, merely just to see it, and it was quite an experience (alone to get there safely and also back alive :-).

    I thought the “Tomb of the Patriarchs” in Hebron is not authentic either? In any case, I can highly recommend visiting the site, it is also very much worthwhile.

    I had never heard about Pharaoh’s dream mentioned in the Targum and the Yalkut Shimoni, wow – that is so good to know for a non-Jew (particularly since many Jews seem to be familiar with it).

    Yesterday I got my copy “The Bible, the Talmud, and the New Testament” and started reading, amazing book. Thanks for making us aware of this courageous and precious work.


  • Isaiah 9 states that He will come out of Galilee, which is where Nazareth is located.

  • Shalom Keith. What do you think about the “Gilgal” v. “Galil” thing?

  • Incredible first part of this episode! I got the same connection before Keith explained his understanding; Herod saw that the Magi saw him – that is, they saw through him (exposing Herod’s true intent). Excited to see what else is in that ‘transitional’ manuscript located in somewhere in Italy.

  • Where can I find the video you spoke of about Herod?

  • It was great to hear that Nehemia will publish his research on Hebrew Matthew, and if I may add, his notes on other subjects! I know there’s more.

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.