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  • In HGP’s episodes 28 & 28+, the words in the KJV of Matthew 5:22 have “without a cause” which was not stated in the episodes. My question is were those words added by the translators or just not mentioned in the episodes?

  • My cut and paste of the Hebrew word גֵהִנֹּם went poorly below. Hope this is better:

  • I find understanding the end of Mat 5:22 is better tied to realizing γέενναν (Ge’ennan) is a transliteral cognate of ֵָגִָהָ נם instead of a dogmatic understanding of the Christian concept of Hell. We see this in the definition the Friberg Analytical Greek Lexicon offers: “Gehenna; literally valley of Hinnom, a ravine south of Jerusalem where fires were kept burning to consume the dead bodies of animals, criminals, and refuse; figuratively in the Gospels and James for hell, a fiery place of eternal punishment for the ungodly dead.” Instead of recognizing that calling someone a fool is just “trash-talk” that needs to be burned where they burn the worst trash in Jerusalem, we are implored to tie it to our beliefs about Jesus. If they don’t match Christian theological dogma we’re “ungodly” and doomed to a real, non-“figurative eternal hell-fire of damnation” to scare is into adopting or preserving a belief that didn’t exist at the time Jesus was saying these things. But that’s what they would have us understand. It’s bad trash talk that should be burned – not me.