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  • I am so behind, just now getting to this episode but is so so good I want to know about those other two aces!

  • Typo error. in posting below, should have read “most all in Sunday Christianity” continually break the Sabbath.= Commandment.”

  • Before leaving and going on to the Plus episode at Nehemia’s Wall, I have one other comment.

    The 5 manuscripts of family “Z,” that He will destroy those that break commandments, (such as the Sabbath, which all 2.38 billion alive in Christianity does,) and teach men to do so; when compared to the entire picture the Word paints, is quite likely the most accurate.

    Read Ezekiel chapter 20, and understand what Yehovah has done in 20:24-25! Because they did not execute His statutes and profaned His Sabbaths, Yehovah gave mankind laws by which they could not have or find life! (eternal life)

    Yehovah is holy, and His chosen MUST learn to strive for His holiness. Why? Because His is a Righteous, Pure, Holy Kingdom. He DOES NOT want, nor plans to give, eternity in His Kingdom with Him, to the disobedient and rebellious.

    The unrepentant, those that are stubborn law breakers, rebelliously sinful (1 Jn 3:4, sin is …, coupled with Ez 18: 20, 4 – the soul that sinneth …) The unrepentant WOULD NOT BE a “good fit” to be with Him for eternity! This makes the “Z” manuscripts supported by the Tanakh.

  • What do we now have Keith, Nehemia and Professor Tiroshi (sp.?) that others from old times didn’t? We have the Holy Spirit (NOT man,) to guide us into all truth. Jn 16:13

    And we have the benefit of being taught of BY God. We learn of FROM the Father. Jn 6:45; Isa 54:13 (My “Howarding” of KJ text. LOL)

    The TRUTH of the matter is, it makes NO DIFFERENCE which translation or Version one reads, as they ALL have mistakes. Or “how much” we listen to or believe your podcasts, truth is, IF one depends wholly upon the Holy Spirit of YeHoVaH to teach them, to guide them into ALL TRUTH, the Spirit will enlighten them as to the insights, knowledge, and understanding of the secrets and mysteries of God. Wisdom so Wonderful, that it’s above most men’s comprehension!

    The Spirit may lead one’s search to various other translations or versions for a better understanding of a verse, but if one wants to know God’s truth’s, who better to ask, and DEPEND upon to teach them, than YeHoVaH God Himself?

  • OK, so we must have been watching and downloading as you were updating the page, it’s now the study guide for 5:19…forgive our pre-emptive message while you diligently worked to share the study guide, we seriously are just so hungry for this information, we can’r even wait for you to finish the upload! YeHoVaH bless you, Brother!

  • Shalom Keith, the study guide attached to HGP#26 Matt.5:19 is actually the study guide for Matt.5:17. Gotta say, we LOVE every episode of you & Nehemia sharing these manuscripts. YeHoVaH bless you both, you are manna from heaven to us, this journey has been so lonely down here in our part of Australia, and we eagerly wait for every episode, every pearl. Todah Rabah!

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.