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  • Wow, the two of you reflected the great friendship that has been formed between the both of you! Great episode. (I won’t to increase my support to the ministry !!

  • Shalom Friends,
    Please note that Nehemia’s Wall directs readers to BFA site for Hebrew Gospel Pearls Plus #25. I cannot find that listed on your site. Is this an error on Nehemia’s site and/or BFA’s also? Please check. BTW, am supporter to both Nehemia and BFA.

    S M

  • Apologies, I also can’t access the PLUS episode. Not sure if others have the same issue.

  • I have been a monthly supporter for a long time, $10 monthly, but I cannot get access to the premium library to listen to plus episodes of The Hebrew Gospels.
    Can you please help? I receive mail at

    Thank you,
    Amanda Sharon Fulton