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  • Fifteen minutes in, THAT’s a Pearl! One of the lies spoken to ‘believers’ is that Yeshua came to do away with the Law. Also, he changed the Sabbath, they say, but fulfilling the ceremony in Lev. 23: 9,10,11, is not negating nor changing the weekly sabbath. *BTW, Winston Churchill reportedly quipped, “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I simply will not put.”

  • Praise Yehovah! Thank you Keith this amazing blessing of Hebrew Gospel pearl. It has been such an amazing soul lifting deeper experience with The WORD that has drawn me so much closer to a daily walk and communication with The Father that I can’t thank you and Nehemia more for this insight to Language, History and Context that really gives us an insight into the Yeshua that I thought I knew and understood but I only had a very limited view of and now thanks to HGP I have so much more. I am praying every day for you to continue this program and that God bless you both and give you the resources to keep this blessing coming. I shared this episode on my Facebook and my best friends watched it and are now finally interested in studying it. We are now going back to the beginning and studying it together and I know they will want to sign up for the plus and all of the premium content. I wanted you to know what a blessing this is and how incredible it is that Nehemia is doing this because without his insight into the Hebrew background that we don’t understand we would be still thinking we knew everything about Yeshua and be missing so much that I am so thankful for. I pray you continue because I know there is so much more to learn and I am really being blessed by this. Thank you so much!

  • The heading, Hebrew Gospels Pearls, eats a lot of ink, especially in color. How about a print option that excludes it. John Heinl

  • I’ve been watching all of these but haven’t commented for a long time. They have all been so amazingly full of revelation, but this one has caused such relief that I had to say thank you. I haven’t even watched the Plus episode yet but had to praise Yehovah for all He’s done thus far to reveal Himself through you two who are so willing to be used by Him for His glory at great personal cost.

    Yehovah is simply beyond whatever I could write here, but I am so thankful for the freedom I just discovered through this episode. I pray in His Name that many more people find comfort and freedom and relief through all that Yehovah has revealed through the obedience, study, and courage of you two.

    Yehovah hu haElohim!

  • Thank you!