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  • I found the transcript!! It’s on thank you for these valuable lessons.

  • When will the transcription of these lessons be available? Incredibly valuable information given in these episodes such as the nine functions of the Jewish prophets. Will the transcripts be a download?

  • Shalom Everyone,

    The downloaded study guide for episode 11 has layout grids dividing up all the words.
    None of the study guides from the other episodes had this issue. They were clean text on a white sheet background. I have downloaded it a few times, no change…

    Any help to explain this?

  • I have donated. I have hit the free button and still unable to access the plus section.

    • Hey Scot, the plus episodes are only available to premium members. Just look above the comment section and you will see the “sign up” for a “seven day free trial” and you will see the details on how to become a premium member. Donating is definitely appreciated by BFA International but that is not how you gain access to the premium content library.
      I hope this helps you.

  • Don’t let the negativity of some Christians bother you, Nehemia.
    What you and Keith are doing is so very important. Christians are heavily into the Pauline doctrine of antinomianism and the Hebrew first movement is a big worry for them.
    It just proves to me that the work you and Keith are doing is vital at this time, as enquiring people’s eyes are opening. Some say Ephraim is awakening. 🙂
    I think we can expect considerable opposition.

  • Part 3.
    7. Jesus speaks of a future reconciliation in Mat. 16:24-28 and Mat. 24:29-31. One may include the crucifixion passages into this category since Paul sees Jesus’ death as bringing us to reconciliation with God (Eph 2:16 and Col. 1:29). However this reconciliation is something that already happened according to the NT and thus is not in the future.
    8. We see Jesus prophesy of future events, for example, in Mat. 24: 1-25:46 and John 2:18-22.
    9. We are almost all familiar with Jesus’ many miracles. I’d suggest if you want to know where Jesus performs miracles go read the Gospels for yourself!
    Keep reading.

  • Part 2
    4. We see Jesus function as a literary prophet in various passages like Mat. 5:3-7:29 (note verses 28-29), Mat. 10:5-42, Mat. 23:2-9, Luke 6:20-49, Luke 8:4-18, Luke 10:13-16, John 8:12-59, and John 14:1-17:26. Jesus’ woes in Luke 10:13-16 (and the parallel passages) sound very much like some of Isaiah’s prophecies in Isa. 9:8-23:18 and 28:1-34:17.
    5. We very clearly see Jesus’ call for repentance in this section of Hebrew Matthew but we also see it in Mat. 11:20-21 and Luke 13:3-5.
    6. We see Jesus warn of future punishment if there is no repentance in Mat. 11:22-24.

  • Part 1.
    1. Jesus’ role as a Torah-giver is recognized by some commentators in Mat. 5:17-48. In this passage Jesus is not giving a new Torah but rather recovering its original meaning in a time when Pharisaic Judaism interpreted the Torah in a way contrary to what the Torah said. Jesus may have been preaching against an ancient Pharisaic interpretation of Lev. 19:18 in Mat. 5:43-48 considering some of the Jewish commentators like Radak on Lev. 19:18.
    2. Jesus’ role as speaking the words of Yehovah can be seen, for example, in Mat 26:39 and John 7:16.
    3. We have a clear example of Jesus interceding in prayer in John 17:9-26. You might include Luke 25:34 however there are textual problems with this verse and it may it may have been an added to the text.

  • I’ve had people say that they wouldn’t listen to Nehemia because he doesn’t believe in Yeshua. I’d ask why and the answer was mostly about the forgiveness of sin was the reason to believe in Yeshua. When I would point out the words of Ezekiel 33 where those who sinned and teshuvah would be forgiven of their sins, I’d ask them “Where’s to believe in Yeshua in those words of YHVH to Ezekiel?” (That’s when they get upset) I’d then point out that the Master said that we should obey Moses (YHVH) and isn’t that what brother Nehemia, you, I and thousands more are doing? Didn’t we all enter into the Kingdom of Elohim through repentance as we began to obey the good news of the Torah?

    • That’s a good reply, Michael.
      It’s odd really, the Christians seem very worried about us listening to Nehemia.
      They can be quite militant.

    • I like to hit them with Shem Tov words of Yeshua from Matt. 23: 2-3 ” they sit in Moses’ seat, therefore do what HE (Moses) says, not what they do … ” and show them my copy of Howard’s book. Rarely can they read the Heb. print but see my notes, circles and highlights.