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  • Dear Nehemia and Keith,
    I’m just catching up! This series has been a blast and I am SO glad you are continuing!!
    Thank you for the scholarly excellence and (yes, Nehemiah, ‘synergy’) intrigue that you share with us. I’m thankful! Very thankful!

    Question: After hearing the cool things that you’ve found (including spiritual meaning) surrounding Gilgal, I expect it will be difficult to consider this thought, if you haven’t already:
    Have you seen the mosaic that describes Berea, not Perea, where John baptized? Its letters are in Greek, but it clearly indicates that he baptized south on the Jordan, just north of the Dead Sea. Not surprisingly, I heard/saw this on a teaching related to Qumran, with the speculation that Jochanan was a Zadokite and spent his growing-up years in Qumran – and that the community was Zadokite, not Essene. Lots of theories, I know – and with some decent evidence (through my lens)- but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate/truth.

    I just want to know if you’re aware, whether, you’ve explored and examined and considered.

    Meanwhile, Shalom and many blessings to you!

  • Thank you so much for Hebrew gospel pearls. Please continue. Although I do not currently have wifi at home, I support both ministries. I learn so much from you. Thank you for using your God-given talents to serve Yehovah and us.

  • Dear Keith!
    I’m so glad Nehemia and you have done this and I hope and pray that you will continue.
    I think what you do is so profound and real. That both of you are persuing the truth no matter where it will lead. I got to say it’s a bit painfull as well – but I guess that is one of the affects of growing.

    Best regards from Norway

  • Hey Keith, You know how I think about you and your work! So i didn’t had the feeling to comment, why say the obvious?
    But in this case I have to say it!
    Hope you and Nehemia go on! On this amazing youney!
    Love what you guys are doing. It is an inspiration for me!

  • Please continue if you have enough financial .support
    It has wonderful insights that we don’t get elsewhere.

  • [This comment is for the plus episode but I think it is appropriate to post it here too.]
    Please keep going. This series is great. Going forward I do think there is room for improvement though. If you go through with do the entire Hebrew Gospel of Matthew then I think you will probably need to go faster then doing one section once every two weeks. I know it is been difficult to produce the episodes at this current rate but if you continue with the rate it will take you two or three years to finish the whole series! Now that would be an epic two or three years but still that is a bit long.
    Also you might want to consider having a third person in the program like in Torah Pearls. You might want to consider adding Ross K. Nichols to the program. I don’t follow a whole lot of his material but I think he would be a good addition since he has studied this text before and even discovered the “he says” reading in Mat. 23:3. I don’t know if you will be able to have him on but I think its definitely something to consider.
    Regarding the content of this episode I’d like to post a link to a good source showing Herod’s family tree:
    Do go on with the series. Yehovah bless you.

  • Please continue this valuable program. As the first and possibly only student that has completed your Biblical Hebrew audio course, I find this program of infinite value. To be able to recognize the intricacies that can only be seen in the original Hebrew and grant additional understanding of the hidden things in Yehovah’s Torah and other writings! May Yehovah’s providence be upon you both. Shalom!

  • Please continue these teachings. We love the collaboration between your two ministries, and are excited to learn from every episode you guys produce. Thank you. Yah bless.

  • Haven’t seen plus section yet, but I hope you talk about a theory I got pretty much studying on my own; Kafar Na’um = House of Divine Speech. Please, Please, Please continue this series! Maybe another Lock Down will force the issue. YHVH Bless!

  • Format: The audio/video arrangement with background, on-screen images, banners, split and individual faces, and all the content being brought to contextualize Hebrew Matthew is great. Well presented!

    Content: Much more than Scripture for sure, but true education goes beyond the lines of a page to broaden the understanding. So, go for the 11th and onward.

    Co$t: If NG and KJ have helped us, then helping them continue is necessary.

    One clarification for Nehemia and Keith:
    To receive (as ministers–sitting in tents) from the labor and effort of us (as workers–in the fields) in no way elevates one over the other. From the ‘tents’ of NG and KJ, there is tremendous work, effort, time, and money being expended to bring this content to the world…and those of us Plus-ers. Let’s keep a good thing going. Their synergy is ‘food’ for us, so let’s keep them fed. We supply the ingredients; they make the meals.

    For it is written in the law of Moses [Deu 25:4], Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?
    If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? (1 Cor 9:9,11)

    Many thanks to both of you.

  • Please please keep doing these Hebrew Gospel Pearls!! We so love them and wait for the next to come out each time! I also think you have been correct to have Plus sections that is a “paid” subscription of sorts. You and Keith have to have a way to support yourselves through your ministries and you are asking very little of your support group. Thank you again for all your hard work on this project. We LOVE you both so much !!!!!

  • Please don’t stop this series. No one else is taking this Hebrew text seriously. Scholars for the most part have ignored this text and there is a lack of accurate information on this text. Please keep going.

  • Hi Nehemia and Keith,
    Thanks for your commitment to this wonderful study. Just a thought about the 10 +. It is interesting to note that it may be possible that the daughter is not the daughter of Herod but only the daughter of Herodias. Matthew 14 :6 says “…the daughter of Herodias…”. It seems it would have said Herod’s daughter if it was his offspring.
    I appreciate you both as I am just now realizing my Hebrew roots and wondering how Christianity has led so many of us away from the Words of Yehovah. I have mourned over the years lost to not really knowing and loving our Elohim’s law and heart from beginning to end. Thankfully Yeshua is gracious and there is still time for me to do what is written.

    Love you both,

  • My prayer: Please, please, please keep going.

  • Keith and Nehemia – We need you to keep going. In this time of isolation and restrictions it has even become difficult to continue in our home groups. Especially in some of the states where governors have over stepped their authority and are out of control. We need this connection. We need this insightful and inspiring teaching to continue.

  • Please keep up the goo work.

  • The thought that this could be the last episode, is absolutely ghastly, but so very grateful for all you have done.
    I was really hoping for all of Matthew and then Revelation when you had finished Matthew 🙂
    We are in such significant times prior to the return of Yeshua, and knowing more about him is so very helpful as things become more disorderly in our world.
    Blessings, Linda