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  • This is so exciting to have the scholarly viewpoints as we are not able to grasp what the original words were given us. I thank you both for bringing the material and the language, culture and background out in the open.
    Praise YHVH for bringing out the hidden things He did say would come as we seek Him!

    Shalom and ahavah to you all!

  • Thanks for all your great work, one thing to consider is that Shavuot/Pentecost happened latter than what most think today, at the end of the 4th moonth, and we can know this by careful study of the Tanak and the New Testament. I have links to studies that others have done on this at if anyone would like to know the details.

  • Keith, I have a question for you regarding the genealogy of Yeshua.

    Nehemia and Michael Rood seem to be pushing this idea that the Genealogy in Matthew is Mary’s and the one in Luke is Joseph’s.

    I have listened to their teachings on this, but I think an important question is left unanswered for this theory.

    If Matthews account is Mary’s line, why bother to present the stepfather’s line at all, why is it even worth mentioning?

    But if Matthews account is Joseph’s genealogy, to me this makes more logical sense. Under this theory, Joseph’s genealogy is important as this is Yeshua’s claim to the kingship of David through the line of kings. And Luke’s account makes sense as it is Yeshua’s bloodline to David.

    In the Gospel of Luke, Yeshua keeps referring to Himself as the Son of Man, but we can deduce from this, that what he is saying in Hebrew is that He is the Son of Adam, right? I would suggest that the genealogy in Luke as well as proving Yeshua as the blood descendant of David, also proves that He is the blood descendant of Adam, hence He is the second Adam, biologically the “Son of Adam,” right?

    Also in Luke 2:4 it says that Joseph was of the house and line of David. What does house and line mean, it’s almost as if this verse is repeating itself unless it’s effectively saying that Joseph was of the family and royal line of David.

    Also in Isaiah 11:1, he speaks of a branch growing out of the roots of Jessie. If Yeshua’s is descended by blood from the kings of Judah, this doesn’t fit this imagery. The imagery here is of the tree being cut down and a shoot bypassing the main stump, which fits with the Joseph/Matthew theory, but not the Mary/Matthew theory.

    Also, the prophecy in Jeremiah doesn’t seem to work with the Mary/Matthew theory:

    Thus says Yehovah: ‘Write this man down childless, a man who shall not prosper in his days; For none of his descendants shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling anymore in Judah.’ ” (Jeremiah 22:30)

    Just wondering if you have any thoughts on this Keith? The Mary/Matthew theory is interesting, but I think it has problems which need to be addressed.

    I’m also wondering, in your opinion can Yeshua inherit the kingship from David through His stepfather? I don’t see a problem with this, but I know Michael Rood seems to think this is an insurmountable issue. Is there any Jewish background regarding the right of a stepson to inherit?

    Anyway mate, I appreciate all your work and look forward to listening to more of your resources.

  • Ruth — Moabite

    It seems more plausible to me that Ruth had been an Israelite !



    1) Naomi went to escape famine in a land where she might have known people of her own background?

    2) Ruth 1:16 And Ruth saith, `Urge me not to leave thee–to turn back from after thee; for whither thou goest I go, and where thou lodgest I lodge; thy people is my people, and thy God my God.(YLT)
    This is a literal translation and makes sense in the way that Ruth seems to acknowledge the fact that Naomi’s people are also her people!! As such Naomi’s God is also her God!!

    And as such it does not violate Yehovah’s sayings and laws!!

    Ruth was an Israelite, who’s family migrated through possibly previous famines into the land of Moab! After a generation Ruth had become a Moabite!!

    I think this is a much more realistic view on this story!!

    This does not negate the fact that Yehovah’s intention is to save gentile people through his son Yeshua!!

  • I would be appreciative of input on Matthew 1:5 in this regard: In the book of Ruth, the crux of the pursuit of Boaz as a husband for Ruth seems to be her desire to raise up a child to her dead husband. Considering the focus of yibbum in Ruth, I find it curious that in Matthew 1:5, the focus is on Boaz, the biological father of Obed (who in theory had been brought into the world to represent the line of Mahlon). Thoughts?

  • I met Nehemia on a 2003 tour to Israel where he taught our group for several days on the Hebrew Matthew. I met you, Keith, on a BFA 2014 tour where we had a bus moment at Shiloh. I watch and tears of joy stream down my face in amazement over what YHVH is revealing through His servants. Thank you both for your faithfulness and obedience. In a time when the world is spinning out of control, His Word is going forth in Power and will accomplish His purpose for His glory and our Shalom. May YHVH bless the righteous and cover you with favor as with a shield and establish the work of your hands.

  • I’m so excited about this, to go along side with the Red Letter Series. Both Keith and Nehemiah are great teachers.
    One thing I wanted to point out was, Nehemiah needs to catch himself when he’s dating things. I know he’s used to teaching from the Tanak which is B.C. but he’s now doing the Brit Hadashah, so everything is A.D. Almost every time Nehemiah was bringing up a time frame he says B.C. which can be confusing to those not well versed or able to understand/follow along.
    Thank you for what you are doing.

  • Brother (Keith) … I have been waiting for a looooong time…
    Can you please also start pointing to parts of the Original Manuscripts to see it for ourselves…
    It’s great to see you – all smiles…

    And do give Nehemia a big hug for us all from Singapore!!!

  • Shalom brother! Yehovah bless you and bless Nehemiah for sharing all this information. Thanks

  • Shabbat Shalom, Keith and Nehemiah! I was so blessed with this teaching and look forward to the Gospel Pearls Plus section connecting the significance of the number seventy as found in Genesis 10, 46 and Deuteronomy 32 and its relation to the genealogy given in Matthew 1. I didn’t count an obvious 70, but suppose it adds up with the two mentions of “and his brothers.” Also, the beautiful connection between the mixed multitude and the idea that they must have heard the commandments in their own languages is a wow connection to the giving of the Spirit at Shavuot/Pentecost in Acts 2! And then the Shavuot encounter of you two meeting in 2002… God is beautiful! I so look forward to my special encounter in Israel one day at His appointed time! May Yehovah continue to bless you two and your loved ones! Thank you so much!

  • “It was after this nezer that the village of Nazareth was apparently named. According to the author Julius Africanus (ca. A.D. 220) of Emmaus (modern-day Latrun), these descendants of David lived in villages bearing messianic names such as Nazara (“village of the branch”) and Cochaba (“village of the star”; cf. Num 24:17 [כּוֹכָב]) (Eusebius, HE 1.7.14f.). A village of the latter name existed north of Nazareth, and there was a second one in the Bashan region, a short walking distance from Bethsaida.(1) There, according to Africanus, the Davidic family kept the genealogical records used to prove its royal descent. In this way the Nazoreans lived in the pious expectation that one day the Anointed of Israel, the Messiah, would arise from their midst.”

    “Paths of the Messiah”, Pixner, Bargil. (2010), Ignatius Press, p.3

    (1) “Cf. B. PIXNER and R. RIESNER, “Kochaba”, in GBL, 2nd ed. (1990), 2:801f., and chapter 13 below, “Batanea as a Jewish Settlement Area” (pp. 169-76, esp. pp. 173-75).

  • This new program will no doubt be good… however, this first episode I have some issues regarding it.

    First… There was too much extraneous info given, and caused it to drag along. If this were an intro to the Hebrew gospels then it would be okay.
    Second… There was little to no actual time given on the scriptures themselves.


    • Mona this served as an intro and overview. Oh, it also served as a way for people to get to know how we will approach this new study process. I think you will like the Hebrew Gospel Pearls PLUS episode.

  • I’m very excited about Hebrew Gospel Pearls! I am a free member and unfortunately do not have the means of becoming a free member, being a teenager. I am still excited and I plan on contributing to this program through the comments as I have been doing in the Red Letter Series.
    It’s funny that I was listening to a little bit of Torah Pearls, Naso today and in it Nehemia brought up a “pre-Hebrew Gospel Pearl,” as I’ll call it, on Matthew 5:23,24.
    May Yehovah bless you.

    • Hello! Maybe you can send us an email at — my family could pay for your premium membership so that you can fully dig in with us! May Yehovah bless you — so precious to have the youth desiring to learn His ways!!

      • Lein family, thank you so much for sharing the premium membership with me so that I can dig in with you. I’m very grateful for your kindness. I just can’t thank you enough! May Yehovah bless you.

  • I only wish I could throw this up on my big screen like I can with YouTube or Facebook video.
    Keep up the blessed work!

  • Keith,
    Thanks both to you and Nehemiah for tackling this endeavor. In all of your past podcasts, interviews, programs, etc I have always admired how you interlace your steadfastness with diplomacy and are able to teach through leading and direction. Just glad to have found the Torah Pearls years ago and that it has blossomed now into this. Peace and blessings to you both and your family.