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  • Shalom: Is the Red Letter Phase ! still available? If so, where can it be found?

    Catching up for the Gospel Pears! Hallelujah! Thank you all, Yana B.

  • What time will the series be available to be heard on June 19th? (EST) I just want to get this on my calendar! I am so looking forward to this as it is an answer to prayer. Yehovah heard me crying out and tapped Keith on the shoulder. I’m thankful Keith was like Isaiah and didn’t shrug it off! Shalom ve lehitri’ot.

  • I am SO excited!! I JUST finished reading Nehemia’s book and was hoping that either he or you would bring us MORE!! I can’t thank you enough for the teachings that you and Nehemia have brought to us. AMAZING, just AMAZING!!

  • Oh wow…its been a long time since something like this was exciting or interesting to me, but this looks to be FANTASTIC! I love to be able to share material that actually might help people, and this is allready looking to be foundational. Thanks Keith and BFA team! YHVH bless everyone involved with this profound project.

    • Daniel, you and Heidi are a big reason this series is going forward. Your input on about next steps for BFA International has been invaluable!

  • Thank you, Keith, for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to a fresh presentation of Yeshua of Natzaret as a kosher-eating, Torah-keeping, Torah-teaching, tziy-tziyt wearing, sabbath-observant, Elohim-honoring Hebrew Rabbi!!

  • I CAN’T WAIT! After all your hard work now you will share with me? Oh thank you. I knew I could count on you, but now I wish I could get in that library, too!


  • How come Matt 6:12 doesn’t say “forgive us our trespasses” anymore?

  • Unbelieveable….. I just finished asking (about an hour ago) Nehemia for his recommendation of an English translation of Hebrew Matthew…

    Thank you very much for taking on this task and sharing your findings with the rest of us. I can’t hardly wait for June 19th.

    Hebrew Matthew ought to be on everyone’s reading list for studying Scriptures (especially pastors and church leaders and teachers). Here’s hoping that people will read it and do the research about it. Many thanks to you and Nehemia for really giving legs to Hebrew Matthew………………. shalom, daniel

  • Looking forward to this series Keith! Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes support team!