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  • A different take on the Iran deal from Mr. Dennis Prager.

  • I fail to see the big deal, the video is informative and short. It is aparent from the video that everything hinges on inspections. To say that Iran will not honor the deal would be speculation. That would be an opinion peice. I think people are so hyper politicized that everything MUST be pro/anti. RAW INFORMATION IS NEITHER, and we must seek to expose ourselves to information as much or MORE than we seek sided opinion.

  • But, Keith, why did you air it? What was the point of having this video, which appears to be very ‘pro deal’ on the BFA site? I have many friends who viewed it who did not post comments who were also very concerned and confused, since the ‘deal’ itself is bad for Israel and bad for the USA. And there are folks other than me who did comment who were also confused and concerned. So, honestly, I am still waiting to understand what BFA chose to have this video on its website.

  • It is very disappointing that BFA has not addressed our concerns over this video.

  • It is difficult not to launch into politics regarding the Iran deal. One of the most common words I have heard is accountability. Mankind in general is not accountable to God. The US and its government and negotiators are not accountable, and Iran certainly is not being held accountable in reality, not words. We are living in an age of unaccountability, wherein we play the blame game. In other words, we are living in a world of liars. I think this lack of truth and honesty really bothers PM Netanyahu. Israel deals with the lies of enemies and media every day. But the lies are a symptom of hate and prejudice. So how can Israel trust what is in and not in the agreement? And how can we trust our own President, government and negotiators? I see no answer but to appeal to the Supreme Court of heaven.

  • Just as the WW2 allies were perfectly fine with Germany killing Jews, and did absolutely nothing to stop them, the parties to this “deal” are secretly hoping Iran will make a bomb and use it as the final “final solution”. Of course, the authors of the deal would have plausible deniability, and could be shocked and horrified at this obvious and completely predictable outcome.

    The good news? Ain’t gonna happen. Psalm 2, baby.

    As for BFA… I have no idea what happened. Maybe they got hacked.

  • Maybe the You Tube link was hacked or switched.

  • Keith stands for the facts… or what facts he has his hands on. I respect that.

    If we are seeking a Spiritual view, it is chilling to note everything is lining up. When the Spiritual shifts into the Physical, (Which is very obvious in this time and season) I am sure Keith will pick up the signs and tell us where it fits.

    As within the Spirit of BFA here. I am not standing for neither side. Only by reviewing History we see how God has moved and not before that… this proves the Prophets and it proves God’s hand at work… so let’s have the page of History turn and be surprised by Yehovah!

    There is NO fear there… very much excited to see the next wave…

    ** By the way, with all the Funds Iran will get… they don’t need the “Bomb” to win the war… so what if they start a conventional war! It’s not in the agreement is it!!

  • The agreement is 159 pages and I, too, was surprised at the video boiling everything down to a cartoon-like presentation. The agreement is between parties that have almost zero credibility. We will not have long to wait to see if the devil is in the details. When the peace loving Iranians are the least bit irritated or challenged in the future we might see the devil emerge.

  • With Iran’s history, this is as believable as Lucy’s promise to hold the football for Charlie Brown. Israel and the “Great Satan” better start praying big time.

  • I was waiting for the other shoe to drop at the end of the video; for Keith to come on and say why this deal is no deal at all, and why it is so bad for Israel. This video appears to be “pro deal” , and I find it impossible to believe that Keith Johnson would promote a “pro deal” video. So now my head is spinning. I’m not the only one, I got a call from a friend who ask me why Keith was promoting this video. BFA, help me out, here, please??

  • Who ever did the party line video on the “deal” sure didn’t read the fine print and/or understand that a deal with liars is no deal at all.