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  • So, based in the text of the Hebrew Matthew, Yeshua of Nazareth is the Promised Messiah of Israel?

  • Keith, if we are going to mock the “Aramaic first” people, we really ought to keep it “above the belt.” Do any of them really assume “that Aramaic was the only language of the First Century Jews”? I’m a Hebrew firster too, but we ought to respect our opponents, even if they don’t us.

  • Keith,
    I am looking forward to hearing you elaborate on the amazing things you are uncovering. What nation hasn’t been influenced greatly by Egyptian, Greek and Roman ideas and philosophy? Even the Christian religion has borrowed concepts that were around long before Yeshua. Thank you for recognizing and preaching the great deity, Yehovah, who is responsible for the awesome creation and the laws upon which that creation rests.