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  • Cpl. Hadar Cohen, thank you for laying your life down for others near Damascus Gate. “Greater love has no woman than this, that she lay down her life for her friends.” Shalom. Yehovah bless your family, and bless Israel.

  • Three months have passed since I read your encounter with Jerusalem police. Since then, there have been many knifings and deaths in Israel. But Jerusalem and Israel are safe now compared to the rest of the world. Europe is being overrun by violent male immigrants.
    It seems to be a punctuation mark that Europe is no home for those who love peace, much less a permanent home for Jews. Policemen, soldiers, those who keep the peace are in danger every day. They are at the front line between peace and order and the scourge of war and anarchy. I see some police standing aside and letting the hordes of violent men flood into Europe. I see many police doing their jobs. The people of those nations who are at the mercy of the destroyers are faced by terror and the choice of defending themselves.
    And they must because they have wives and children. The nations have criticized and persecuted Israel for how it conducts itself within its own borders. Now some see and will continue to see that Israel actually is doing a good job of protecting its own people and the strangers within. Unfortunately the unwise nations and peoples will never see nor admit the good that Israel does. Thank God for those who have courage to risk their lives every day for peace, order and the common good. Thank God for the remnant in whom is His spirit. In an evil, dark world the light of Israel and the light of God’s servants shines. May the shining city on a hill and light of God’s elect draw all people to Yehovah’s salvation and may all who love Jerusalem be at peace.

  • The anniversary celebration, your interviews and the conversation with Nehemia were all riveting and inspiring. There is so much that is encouraging, especially the awakening in Israel and the world of a desire to know more about the Temple Mount. Through this, people are being drawn to the God of Israel, the one and only God. May Yehovah bring peace soon to Jerusalem.