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  • Hey Keith! It’s THAT time of the year again! Are you going to make this available for all to watch again? More people are beginning to wake up and be interested!

  • I love watching the videos on YouTube and signed up here to find out more. It is a shame that this article suggests that you can watch the video for free when in fact it is Premium content and you can’t.

    • Judith, Thanks for your comment and interest. When the YouTube you are referring to was released, we made that video available all throughout the “Christmas season”. There are many audio, videos presentations available for free registered members.

  • We loved the Christmas Special…showed it several times. But just now I tried to send someone the link to watch it and it has been removed… are you not going to allow it to be watched anymore??
    I was actually thinking that now (soon after the big holiday) is a good time to prompt to give it some thought.
    Thanks for everything you are doing!

  • Thank you Keith for an excellent overview of the whole hokie holiday! I have been saying as much for many years now! I have not had a tree or celebrated x-mas since 1993. I surely hope that the LORD continues to raise up voices of truth in these hours! I have had to stop following Michael Rood because he continues to keep women under the curse which the LORD suffered and died and resurrected again to free us of. AND he keeps saying that the LORD was born on Sukkot instead of Yom Teruah in 3 B.C.

  • Very well presented. I do not celebrate christmas and have not for some years after learning the truth about it. I feel sorry for so many caught up in this tradidition because for most this is what they live for. I am now learning about the Holy Days in scripture and I am putting them into practice in my life and find them much more joyful and meaningful than christmas, easter etc.

    Thanks for a wonderful presentation.

  • An excellent presentation! However, removing what little meaning there tends to be in peoples lives (Xmas) will not be accepted unless there is something available to replace what is being given up. Replacing secular holidays with God’s Holy Days (see Leviticus 23) will add REAL meaning to Christian lives. I trust that the proposed presentations to do with the seventh month Tishri will introduce Christians to what God loves and wants to teach us through meaningful Holy Days.

  • Another awesome video!! I just watched it with my son… The weird thing about the whole Christmas thing is that people are so emotionally attached to Christmas and defend it as such a holy belief of theirs yet they don’t seem to really care what the Bible says… I think the reason people are so attached to it emotionally is because it is such a pleasant childhood memory to most people so it is really hard to let go of for most people… I love the way you present information to people because you do it in such a non-judgemental, thoughtful way… I cringe a lot when I see on facebook how most people present the information because I know they are not presenting it in a way that people can receive it but you always present information in such a way that it can be received!! That is why I love sharing anything you or Nehemia present because it is always in such a positive way that people will be open to receiving… keep up the awesome work!!! :–)

  • While I am enjoying my day off with pay compliments of this “joyous holiday occasion” (cough, cough) I struggle with the understand of why, when people learn the truth behind this holiday — paganism and the almighty buck — they fight soooo hard to protect it and find so many ways to justify celebrating it. Doesn’t anybody care what Yehovah thinks about what they are doing? I mean, it used to be that His opinion was the only one that mattered.

    On a side note: I found the “Kinky Boots” presentation abhorrent…. (HIS opinion ….and mine!!)