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  • Dear Keith,
    Thank you so very much for the video. Yehovah is amazing in the way He brings thing about.
    I would very much like a deeper understanding on 2nd tithe, Third year to the widows and orphan etc. and the terumah (first fruits, oblation and sometimes wrongly called tithe) and the blessings involved with these.
    Would this subject be too long and involved for one of your interactive programs?
    I would also like a deeper understanding of the Biblical take on women, including the New Testament. Paul seems contradictory (hard to be understood) and the Aramaic translations come out quite differently from the Greek.

  • Watching this has put a huge lump in my throat! Even though I am not Jewish, I am a Hebrew Roots believer and look upon the Jews as my brothers and sisters. This video demonstrates how Israel could not have been born without the Father’s will. Praise YHVH. I am so proud to stand with Israel! Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, thank you for sharing. God bless um all!

  • Thank you for sharing this video , is for sure a strong builder of faith !!
    Moves you to a Spirit of Conquest Above and Beyond
    I love it !!!!!

  • Moving beyond words. I wonder if the Arab reaction at the birth of Israel will be like the reaction when the Temple Mount is freed.