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  • Thank יהוה Yahoveh and call on HIS Name always! Yehudah is a walking miracle and our hearts rejoice that he is alive and still has work to do! The Father definitely has had HIS hand on Yehudah’s life <3 Reminds me of this Psalm … and we give thanks and continue in prayer that HIS WILL BE DONE IN HIS HOLY MOUNTAIN WHERE HE PUT HIS NAME FOREVER!!!

    “Give thanks to יהוה [Yehôvâh]! CALL UPON HIS NAME, Make known HIS deeds among the peoples. Sing to HIM, sing praise to HIM; Speak of all HIS wonders. Make your boast in HIS set-apart [Holy] Name; Let the hearts rejoice of those seeking יהוה [Yehôvâh]. Seek יהוה [Yehôvâh] and HIS strength; Seek HIS face always.” {Psalm 105:1-3}

    I would be interested in one of the books that Yehudah was talking about 🙂

  • This is good that he is back for his family and for his parents. Certainly, the attempted murder is to be condemned. I hope he will keep recovering. This is too bad that Jews and Arabs (either Muslims and Christians Arabs) cannot get along in this part of the world. Although, I respect what this rabbi is trying to achieve, I prefer to support the work of bridge builder such as rabbi Arik Ascherman from Rabbis for Human Rights which are quite a challenge in a part of the world in which two antagonist groups seems to be increasingly at odd which each others. Peace to our Jewish, Arabs, Muslims and Christians friends and to all others.

  • Wow. Glory to YHVH for keeping His eyes on Yehuda as a person, and as a nation. I have had the privilege to personally find out that His eyes are also still on His Holy Mountain. He has said in Isaiah 56 that He would allow “others” who join His people, to come onto His Holy Mountain, and through the wisdom of Keith’s decision to stay and “mope” (was that the word you used because you could not accompany the tour group to the Temple Mount?) at the Western Wall, my family (you know, with the children he’s talking about) could go up and worship not only on the Temple Mount, but right inside the “Dome of the Spirits”. For those moments, which were not rushed or stolen at all, He cleared the place of people, and allowed us to come to Him. It is for that purpose that we went to Israel with Keith, and He met us there. I praise Him with all I am, for that. You continue, Yehuda, and let us know how we can help from elsewhere in the world.

  • Would love a copy of that book Keith. Any chance BFA will have copies for sale to help suppirt Yehuda Glick’s work? He is truly the “energizer bunny”!!
    Jana in Indiana

  • Praise the God of heaven and earth for your miraculous healing and return! Thanks Keith and Yehuda for sharing the good news with us! We are praying for you!

  • Praise be to the Eternal One of Yisrael! Good to hear Yehudah ! Thank you Keith for sharing this update.

  • Thank you for the report and thank s to Yehuda. The work of Isa. 62 is being fulfilled despite opposition. It is inspiring that people all over Israel are drawn to God and the place where He placed His name forever.