• I have to agree that 2014 was an amazing year for BFA International! The material you and your team are producing is without exception, the best biblical faith building materials I have had the privilage of viewing, reading, and listening to. What a blessing to have you all doing what you all do best. Let me add my prayers and encouragement to your efforts regarding THE Temple Mount. If not now, when? If not you, who? Now IS the time. YHVH bless and protect you and all the dear people involved. We just love you guys, and I have to say, after all the religions I have been through, after all the internet teachers, and youTube preachers, you stand heads and shoulders above all the static and noise. Be encouraged! Carry on!!

  • “Those who trust in Yehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles…” Isa. 40:31
    “Then I saw another messenger (angel) flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth– to every nation, tribe, tongue and people– Rev. 14:6” Thank you, Keith. Go on the wings of prayers. May everyone “Fear Yehovah and give glory to Him.”

  • Thank you Keith, praying for you and yours.

    Listened to you and Nehemia today and enjoyed another episode of prophet pearls. Thank you for persevering. My daughter mentioned that it may be possible for you and Nehemia to download an app from Korrisoft (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.korrisoft.voice.recorder&hl=en) this app will record your conversation over your mobile phones which can then be uploaded to the web. I don’t know if this is useful but thought to share with you in case this is helpful.

    Love you both and praying for you and your ministries and that all your undertakings may be blessed by our Father.

  • Praying for you and that Yehovah brings His people back to the temple mount. May Yehovah be with you in His glory, power and authority. Amen.

  • Thank you for taking it to the next level, for being a doer of the Word! I appreciate your integrity and desire to offer your best for the glory of Yah! Offering thanksgiving and praise for the blessing of peace, protection and provision that comes through obedience.

  • Shalom Keith. This is Brian Lee. I’m the guy on last years’ tour that always, always was saying AWESOME! . I still am to this day saying AWESOME! (I hope to increase my vocabulary one day).

    What an awe inspiring, beautiful, consuming, divine, edifying, fantastic, gratifying, heavenly, intensive, just down right enjoyable, keeping torah, life changing, life giving, loving every second of it, manna from heaven, needful, out pouring of Yehovah’s love, passes all other places, quarrelsome( :), some just have a problem with truth and har biet), remarkable, stand with Yehovah, speak with Yehovah, talk about His word, ways, and places, unspeakably great, unforgettable, victorious, worship with Yehovah and His servants, Yehovah loved, zoned unrestricted trip to Israel with you!! (As you say, I could wax on about every aforementioned word but we aint got time, maybe in eternity).

    Keith, I have been enjoying prophet pearls! Keep up the GREAT work! May Yehovah continue to bless your ministry and Nehemiah’s also. 100 times greater than last year. Can Yehovah do that in one year? Amen. Dream big if you are gonna dream. Pray big also.

    Well, please allow me to say a few things. Jeremiah faced opposition from men. Jer 1:4 thru 1:19 in JPS: read it (homework). Does that apply to Keith today? Yep.

    Avraham faced enemies. Israelis faced armies who hated them that where counted like the sands upon the seashore for multitudes. David faced giants. Who was on their side? Who is on Keith’s side today? (I just gotta pronounce His name every chance I get). YEHOVAH!!!

    Shemot 14:14. Yehovah will battle for you(Keith). Go back to 14:13 and let Moshe speak to you(Keith). Then go to 14:15 and have Yehovah to speak to you(Keith): Go Forward. Please think and pray big on 14:13 thru 14:15 considering your work that you have been called to do.

    Proclaim Yehovah’s name! Move forward today. Not to some. Not to this group or that sect. To all, everywhere! Sanctify His name. Make it known! Live and speak like there is no tomorrow!! Have no regrets! Help the people in this world! Please Yehovah. Don’t worry about pleasing men, that’s too difficult and a lot of times impossible.

    Ben Yehuda had some hardships in his day with some folks when he tried to get them to speak hebrew. Look at his results and heavenward for encouragement. Never, ever let any man get you turned from you’re great work! Plow ahead! Today! Go around them, over them, through them or under them. Today! Not next week. Not next month. Not next year. Ask and you shall receive. Whatever it takes to proclaim Yehovah.

    Then YOU will get to rejoice like Miriam! (Yes I mean to say His word has relevance today, in our own personal lives).

    Love Yehovah by DOING the things that makes Him happy.

    I guess what I really want to clearly (and respectfully) say is my prayer is for Yehovahs name to be proclaimed by His people and therefore shalom comes. I want everyone to have a heart to obey Him so he can bless all of us. Peace in Jerusalem! Today. People pronouncing His name. Today. In our time. (Can I say on His Mount, where He has chosen. Yehuda Glick n Keith Johnson. That’s what I’m talking about).

    Haver, it,s time for me to wrap up this letter. Thanks for your ear and heart. I truly appreciate all you do! Keep all those who love Yehovah who don’t yet know His name like you didn’t know it way back when in your prayers! Whether they be from this denomination or that one, this side the tracks or the other side of town, this state, that state or whichever country or whatever part of the world they are from. Pray for them! Speak to them! Proclaim Yehovah to them.

    Shalom. Your haver and fellow servant till the universe, I am
    Brian lee

  • Keith, Want to thank Yehovah for all he is using you for in these last days. Surely you are an import block in the rebuilding of the relationship with our Jewish brethren, and I do believe that Yah will bless you and those who listen to you, as you proclaim His Name and give Him praise for all he is accomplishing in these times. It has been mu great pleasure to have been led to study His name and find out His heart on the matter. Then to have Nehemia come to Port Orchard and teach on His name, has been a catapult for me to present to the Brethren here a proposal to forsake all common titles and use His proper Name in all our Torah studies and worship services. I have been involved in the worship team and it has been difficult for me when songs are chosen that use common titles. I try not to use them and sub in His Name, as well as another of the team who feels as I do. As I pray for you in your efforts , I ask that you pray for me in mine to bring forth to the Glory of the Father, that His Name is proclaimed in all we say and do. You may remeber me from Sukkot of this year in Canby. It was my first ever and after you and Nehemia spoke I came to your table and you gave me your cd on Time will tell, as a gift. I thank you for your benevolence towards me and pray you are eternally blessed. Shabbat Shalom Brother

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