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  • When one tried to recruit me, during the conversation he said I should study philosophy, it’s enlightening in the show to see the place where they study it. lol I wish they would get to to presuppositional apologetics, they would know true philosophy proves the Bible, nothing can be known if the Christian God isn’t real 😉

  • Do the Masons have any connection to the book of Enoch?!!!

    Masons “seem” to focus on the sun, moon and stars. Do Masons have an “understanding” of the Book of Enoch (the Illuminaries)?

    Enoch states that there is a blessing to a remote, future generation. Are we that generation … are the Masons blessed or cursed???

    Enoch states that the new moon is a fully illuminated moon … not a sliver! And many more definitions of time (months/year) are revealed in Enoch … contrary to what we’ve been taught by mankind.

    KJ Bible states that both “evening” & “morning” make up a day (light). “Evening” is not darkness ( as we’ve been taught) !!!

    Need to seek out the truth concealed in Enoch.


  • Great video. This brought back ire memories of a tour my wife and I had a of a masonic lodge that is also a banquet facility here where we live. As we visited each of their great rooms, which people are allowed to use for wedding ceremonies, it always felt like we were being watched.

  • Bro Keith; May Yah strengthen every bruised reed, brighten every smoldering wick, and establish justice on the earth, for the coastlands hope in His torah. Thank you!

  • Karla Leversee-Mitchell
    January 8, 2014 at 12:16 pm  /

    Thank you Keith, I am glad your sharing the Truth with us! Being a part of the Academy, is worth far more than $10 each month! Now Is The Time, is needed, wisdom of what is happening in our country, and Truth. I am excited to have access too all the teachings for available on the web site. Also the site works Great! Blessings and Praises, for you are a watchman on the wall! Shalom

  • Love the series so far and look forward to more. Keep on exposing their lies and boldness that they have put right in our faces without guilt or shame. Shalom

  • Great series! Love the info on the masons. Very interesting. Had to watch some of them twice as it had so much info- Like the one with the phone call about deciphering the code and how that related to a pope. Keep up the great work!