• Keith, you have an awesome staff who present all the inspiring footage you get as you barnstorm across the world. The most inspiring thing is that the everlasting gospel is going to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. They shall be filled. May Yehovah give you wisdom, discernment, protection and strength as you travel. Shalom.

  • Wow – thanks Keith and guides and pilot -and YaHoVah for His vast array of beauty and love. BTW, love your giggles Keith – Shalom!!!

  • It is so wonderful to see Yehovah’s beauty in his creation ( animals and nature). Thanks Keith for sharing this video with those who love the creator. Shabbat Shalom

  • Dear Keith – thank you for being so adventurous and coming to Namibia! As the deer pants for water, our land and our people thirst for Yehovah’s pure and nourishing Word. Come again soon!

  • Oh Keith! The intrepid adventurer sets foot in die pragtige land van Namibia var jy het a baie lekker tyd gehad!!!! You have made us homesick;)Love the Afrikaans attempt…made us smile from ear to ear!!

  • Very cool! Nice to see you riding on the high places of the earth!

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