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  • Love Scripture Bytes, I’ve been wanting something that explain things like this. Clear easy to understand. What I found while looking for something like this was dry academic lessons on grammar, or very superficial word definitions that left me feeling that if it wasn’t going to be any clearer than that I could have just read the King James.
    Please do many more Scripture Bytes!
    I’ve been hoping that BFA or Mr. Gordon would do something for those of us who would like to hear a little more about the original language of the scriptures, and help us understand them better, I am so thrilled to see this. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Keith, this is the best yet! I love the teaching and the “Scripture Byte” format is really great. Definitely “keep on reading” your scripture bytes. I will keep on learning each one that you send out.

  • Another great idea given to you by YHVH!! Praise Yah for this

  • Thank you, thank you!!! I have had to rely on audio and video due to eye problems and now I can read and see for myself without having to have someone read for me. Please keep this going.

  • Please keep it coming. You have such great ideas!

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  • I really enjoyed this Byte and appreciated the way you explained the meanings in Hebrew! Thank you for all you do!

  • Thank you for the Scripture bites and explanations. Really enjoy the way you set it up. Makes it easy to follow & understand. PLEASE continue uploading more bites. Thank you & Shabbat Shalom & Chag sameach Shavout 🙂

  • …but any way I almost forgot why I came here! what’s the clue with Shavout and Pentecost. I understand this to be the giving of Torah but also the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of Yah! I didn’t hear any thing about your conclusion brother Kenneth!

  • Really enjoyed this! I do hope you continue.

  • Yes, please keep feeding the hungry with tons of more Scripture Bytes.

  • Keith, I second each one of the comments above. This is extraordinary, just like everything else you have done. There are no words to thank you for the meat you serve each time you invite us to the table.

    It’s mind boggling to think about the possibilities with this ministry.

    I am especially interested in your inroads into Temple Mount issues. This is book of Acts stuff. So exciting.

    I agree with all those who are lifting you up in prayer. We keep you before the throne. The Anointing is breaking shackles of tradition. We are so ready. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

  • Shalom shalom, Brother Keith, from Raleigh and Smithfield NC!!
    I am praying for and blessing you, Yehudah Glick, Sven, Tina, and all others on the Temple Mount (as I type this you are there on assignment). The Scripture Byte on Isaiah 56:6 was funny (your fancy computer buttons) and very informative. Yes, I love YEHOVAH & Israel, and join/attach/ally/twist/levi/stand with Yehovah, His Shabbat, His Times/Feasts, and take hold of His Torah/Writings/Covenant. Perhaps I will join/ally/attach/twist/levi/stand with you on your Signs of the Times Tour next year as well. “Next Year in Yerushalayim!”
    May YEHOVAH bless you, keep you, make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you, turn His face toward you, and give you His SHALOM.

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    Isa 56:7 says that Yehovah WILL bring me to His Holy Mountain!! and make me Joyful in His house of prayer. HALLELU-YAH!! Let it be 2015, My Abba Father, Yehovah. Yes and Amen.

  • I really LOVE this…please keep making them! God bless your efforts.

  • Thank you Keith for this presentation. It is a great way to learn Hebrew as well and that is what I want to do. This is genius and I hope you continue it forever.

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  • Oh my gosh, Keith!
    If this “intro” is exactly how all of the studies on Scripture Bytes is going to work, THIS IS FABULOUS!
    BTW, Nehemia Gordan’s Facebook page is what introduced me to this new form of teaching! Thanks to both of you!

  • I love this format ….. please continue. One question: I was a member of The United Methodist Church and very involved with leadership and teaching. Once I realized the ‘church’ had detoured form the path Yeshua laid – I left. How could I continue to observe the Sunday Sabbath when I know the Sabbath is Saturday? I do not observe Christmas or Easter as I am following the Biblical calendar – and have no desire to continue the pagan traditions of man. My question: Keith, how do you continue in the church? I love my ‘church family’ and miss them terribly. If you could help me to reconnect without giving up the Biblical truths I have learned, I would be so very thankful.

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  • Yes, keep on! The eyes of our understanding being enlightened.

  • When I watched and listened to your Scripture Bytes Presentation, I knew I wanted to be a partner. This is the very thing we need, a deeper understanding of the scripture both in the Torah and the New Testament. Without it, the ritualistic repetition of misunderstanding prevails and that can only be broken if you continue to bring the light of understanding through these lessons. This will bring a re-connection with truth that will lead to reformation. Thank you Keith

  • Amen! Yes, Yehovah is my “migdal oz”, Shalom Aleichem

  • Yes~ very much enjoyed the presentation

  • Please keep uploading Scripture Bytes!!

  • Please, please, keep it going, Keith…us truth seekers need to know more and more truth of Our Lord…and, besides, I’m studying Biblical Hebrew and that’s another area where your bites will help me!

    God has definitely brought you into this world to do the work you are now doing for Him…and of course, for us!

    Love you, Keith!


  • Hi Keith, I have little doubt this will become required listening (and reading – love the PDF too) for every week. Thank you for providing tools while you are teaching. The high tech is really neat, but personally it is the content that gets me. Foundational verse to start off with – may we all be given a heart to know, eyes to see and ears to hear!

  • Keep on going. Wonderful presentation, easy to understand and follow. I LOVE IT!

  • Yes keep uploading. Can use the teachings and thank you for your help and commitment to bring this

  • Well Keith! You have surpassed yourself this time:) I have only read the PDF so far and am so stirred and excited even before I listen to the Scripture Byte! Amazing truth. Keep them coming!

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    You better not stop this wonderful teaching!!!

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    Love the teachings, even checked tonight hoping for next one! Keep up the great work, keeping us informed!

  • Keep Scripture Bits coming. The better we understand the roots of our faith, the better we can show our faith.

  • I’m waiting for the next episode. When will it come? Hurry up!!!!

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  • I enjoyed the first Byte, ready for a Gig! I heard your announcement that more was coming this Sukkot – looking forward to it!

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  • Yes, please continue with scripture bytes. It provides us, those wanting to learn hebrew but who can not currently afford a teacher, to have a minimal yet sound understanding. I greatly appreciate your work and the information you provide.

  • Very good teaching, please continue!

  • Metzuyon!
    Shalom mi Yerushalyim…Miri~

  • Ken; most definitely Ken!

  • Good job, Keith!
    One question-“signs to mark seasons and days and years”…..”seasons” is Appointed/set times/meetings”, what about “days”, you mentioned 29 to 30 days in a Biblical month?
    Would Shabbat be an appointed/set/moed/ time as well?
    Thank you, for Scripture Bytes, love it like the rest of us here. Shalom!

  • keep loading, thanks for the excellent teaching

  • You are changing the names! Have you added stuff or just tweeted the names? I have started a book with the Downloads and then I recovered they were transcripts and I loved it even more because You talk so fast that my brain can’t keep up. I think you ought to meet with David Barton; he is an Historian ,Believer, and has the largest collection of pre-1820 documents and artifacts from America and our founders. He also can out-talk you.
    I love what you are doing Keith, Hope to see you at Beth-El

  • Hi, Keith. I hope this reaches you directly.

    At the end of this Byte you mention the 3 things for ministering to Him – the last being to “Grab hold of his Torah.”

    Could you please explain why you put “covenant” in parenthesis and makes this a statement re: Torah? I’m using Bibleworks software & looking at the BHS (or WTT) text & it does have berit (covenant) at the end of Is56:6.

    Thank you & Nehemiah for your work.

  • SShalom Keith. Yes please and thank you very much and many blessings to you and yours. I hhaven’t seen it yet but tasted the other bytes and they were beyond yummy!

  • Shalom!

    I am grateful for the hard work you and Nehemia Gordon have done. May YEHOVAH bless you and yours abundantly.

    I am wondering if you would be interested in speaking about Psalm 90. I look forward to becoming a Premium Member soon.

  • Thank you! I am new to your site, and am looking forward to learning more!!

  • Wow! This is gold!! And what you chose to study, that particular subject, is vital. The bells and whistles had a beginning, haha!

  • Psa_82:6 I said, “You are gods (H430-Elohim*), sons of the Most High, all of you;
    Joh_10:34 Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?

    *H430-Elohim (Gods): from H410- El (God, strength), which is from H352-ayil
    (strength), which is from the same as H193-ul (twist, the “body” being rolled

    Could it be that all those who “join (lavah) themselves to ‘Yehovah’ (“twist” themselves to ‘Yehovah’) are the ones who “twist” (ayil) themselves to “God” (Elohim), thus perfecting the verses shown above?

    Could this “joining”, this “twisting”, be compared to the way a rope is constructed in which each individual fiber has no strength on its own, but when “joined”, when “twisted”, together with other fibers to make a strand, gains more strength? And, when those strands are “joined”, are “twisted”, together with more strands, even more strength is gained? And, when this process is continued to its completion, its perfection, can it be seen that this rope becomes so powerful and so strong that it can perform tremendous feats?


    Does that have something to do with the good news, the gospel?

  • I’m looking forward to watching this new ScriptureByte, but have been unable to download the pdf. I either get a blank screen, or the home page of BFA. Help?

  • Yes…definitely keep making Scripture Bytes! ;0)

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