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  • OK. So you go on your trips first and then you have elements to write the script or you do your research first and then you show us the places? It looks to me you have a general idea: time – modern calendar vs God’s. Then you walk a city looking for something to confirm you teaching. The teaching kinda gets lost in the video (which is beautiful – thanks for making me travel). We get a general sense of what you are trying to say. In french, we say it is ”décousu”. It’s all over the place. Since you are not in the movie industry, I totally forgive you. What I don’t forgive you is the huge waste of money. Write it down instead. There are plenty of pictures on the web. Make your research prior. You could not sell this video to TV, could you?? It was a good excuse to travel. Happy for you…but money is hard to get my friend. Never ask for money again to do videos. The answer is NO.

    • I take my words back after seeing episode 2-3-4-5. WOWWWWWWW!!!! It was wonderful. The take off was slow but then…….you nailed it! You proved your point, you showed us the Masonic influence in New-York but also in all of the US! It was great and I learned a lot of things. The money was well spent.

  • You and Nehemiah Gordan are the real MVP’S!!

  • So this is Season 2? I did feel like I was missing something all along. It felt like a very abrupt start, but if this is not the very first video then that makes more sense.

    I’ve seen 1-5 now, but I really can’t give a full critique not having seen season 1.

    What I did see was great, but you need to add a re-cap of what you are doing, why you are doing it or something to bring people up to speed if they come into the middle. It’s good information, but I felt like it was just being thrown at me and I didn’t know why I was on this journey.

    If you make the first season available , I would love to watch online and then give a more thorough critique, so I have the full picture.

    Thanks for all you do:)

  • This is Regina, Bruce’s wife. We watched this and were quite captivated. So many facts and hidden meanings. We were on the edge of our seat, then the episode ended. Can’t wait to see the second episode.

  • Thanks Keith, this is important work, so glad you are doing it. I can’t wait for more.

  • Wow! Keith, the research you have put in to give us all these facts is amazing. It is more than I can keep up with. It is a continual challenge and confirmation to come out and be separate. It’s ready. Those who have ears will hear; those who don’t will continue to look for distractions and entertainment.

  • Ep. 1: Fast paced but informative enough to hold the viewers attention.

  • I really enjoyed watching this :–) It is frightening to realize just how deeply entrenched our country is with occult/pagan symbolism…

  • Thank you, Keith, for putting this series together. I hope you continue beyond #4 like you mentioned at the end of #4.

    This #1 seems to be a repeat of some of your other videos (I forget which ones). I’m glad that I continued on to watch the other 3, as there is a lot of new info in them.

    My question, Keith, is this: what are we supposed to do with this information? It is all so overwhelming.

    As I see it, our nation, as a whole, has turned so far away from Yehova that is is doomed as it hurls down it’s chosen path of destruction. Wow, I never dreamed I’d see the things I’m seeing: the flaunting of immoral behavior, murder of babies in the womb, wholsesale greed, selfishness and idolatry.

    I guess it comes down to: “As for me and my house, we will serve Yehovah.” Joshua 24:15

  • I really enjoyed this series!!

  • As a New Yorker born and raised in this city you got off on a good start.