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  • Thank you for this pearls of knowledge and wisdom, those who are hungry need this bread. The word of God quenches our thirst .
    Thank you for finishing this work, you are never alone, if God put this in your heart is because is needed to be done.

  • Your style is…pecial. You are brave to do this work. It takes dedication, time, perseverance and faith. At least, you are trying. I wouldn’t even dream of being able to do what you do.

  • The sadness in your voice can be felt, Keith, but, you are never on your own, חֲזַק וֶאֱמָץ
    ABBA YHWH is with you! HE has other plans probably. You are doing well.

    Appreciate this brave episode too! Toda!

  • Thank you for seeing it through to the end Keith! I am sure the official final episode will be great, but I really enjoyed this installment! You are a really good solo pilot! As to what the future holds, BE STRONG. BE COURAGOUS. Now is the time. You are in the palm of His hand, so full steam ahead. Looking forward VERY much to BFA’s future projects!

  • Here is a cool thing. If you are asking for the Holy Spirit to lead. What does the word for ‘lead’ mean in Ps.2:2?

  • The reminder to be resolute and strong speaks directly to my present issue, thanks. Do you miss being a Methodist preacher, and speaking about people’s problems you don’t even know about, after you ask God to make you a blessing? I remember preachers doing that way back in the old days.

  • This is great! Adding comments that Keith will see, and having discussion in one place. I was careful in naming my oldest Yehoshua, making sure it was not exactly the same name as Jesus. What do you say to Biblical Roots speakers who go around to groups and say that Jesus’ name was Yehoshua? It is inferred, rather than specifically recorded (His Hebrew name), is it not? So why are we sure the name of Christ is JUST Salvation, not Salvation of God?

  • Thank you Keith.

    Moses asked Yehovah to let him go into the promised land in Deuteronomy 3:23-28 in prophet section Va-‘Ethannan.

    Keith Be strong and couragous.