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  • I believe it is very important to learn, understand and apply our Heavenly Fathers name ,claim it, proclaim it and remain in it, to the nations, people’s, powers, principalities, rulers seen and unseen, because it has all power and authority and all are subject to it, it also lets them know hay you are his belonging a valuable child of his, and what these powers and rulers do to you are in fact doing to God. So they better be on the up and up, have respect.

  • I believe that Jews shy away from saying our heavenly fathers sacred name because, say your earthly dads name was Frank, every time you talk to your dad would you call him by his name Frank or would you call him dad?, I believe there’s certain times and applications to use our fathers name, but during prayer and worship to him it seems you wouldn’t call him by name but call him abba father our dad

  • How do I get to the book His Hallowed Name REVEALED Again. ? I cannot find chapter two etc? Thank you

  • Thank you so much. I love the name of YeHoVaH. I pray in His name and I know that there is no name greater. I have read so many books by Michael Rood, Nehemiah Gordon and you. I haven’t had the opportunity to read His Hallowed Name Revealed Again. I also enjoyed The Open Door Series. I would love love to personally meet you and Nehemiah one day. May Yah bless you. Please continue doing.

  • Speaking of the name of God YHVH. I see it and except it. I have a burning question. I need to understand what is happening when in the New Testament we are instructed to call upon the Father (YHVH) in the Messiah’s name? I don’t see evidence of that anywhere in the Tanakh. Could Constantine and his mother be pulling a fast one by changing the Greek text? It would have solved the problem of proclaiming the name of God the Father, replacing it with another name that Christians would be accepting of.

    Can someone please help me with this?

  • I have been struggling to learn Hebrew for years.[ I have been doing so on my own so you can understand the difficulty I’m having. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.

  • I am still trying to understand all of this. Will this eventually lead to the Scripture where Jesus/Yshua instructs us not to ask Him anything; but ask of the Father in His Name?

  • Halleluyah for your teachings. I yearn daily to know and learn more about our Heavenly Father YHVH and Yeshua our Savior and He keeps pouring it on me. And again He has lead me to your study on the name of YHVH. Thank you. It is amazing how in the last few years, how much understanding YHVH has been revealing Himself and the Hebraic roots of the bible to His
    children . As you quoted in Isaiah 56.6-7 sons of the foreigner who join themselves to YHVH………………………..a house for all nations.