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  • Where are the vowel pointed Hebrew translations and the helpful KJV – Keith Johnson Version of the verse transcripts available?

  • I know people commenting is of great value to you in continuing the enormous effort it
    takes on your part to put all these lessons together. however at my level finding the
    words to express the gratitude, and elation of having someone to expound on the scripture verse by verse in order for us to get a true picture of Yehovah and Yeshua is beyond words.
    I am a Small group leader, teacher of a southern baptist church of 30+ years and have no other aids [and I have many] of greater value. I pray that God will continue to lay on your
    hearts to complete this work and of course provide the necessary resources.

  • I miss the interlinear (did I spell that right?) and commentary that were part of the earlier episodes. Will they be coming back?
    Thanks for all you do in putting these lessons together for us! May you and your staffs be blessed.
    Praise YHVH!