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  • Study Guides. Love dowloading them.
    I dont have 12 Plus and onon.

    Love. Love. Love

    So amazing these studies ya’ll present. ove listening and watching.

  • Reverian Nahishakiye
    May 8, 2021 at 2:35 am  /

    Very informative teachings, Keith you used to give us study guides (notes) in pdf, but from e13 to now we don’t have any, are you going to release it at the end of the Matthew chap 5 or?

  • ANOTHER fabulous episode. Thank you both for your wisdom! Each episode is filled with TRUTH and DEPTH. I love listening to you guys!!

  • Thank you Keith and Nehemia. I was so blessed at the end of the plus episode.
    I simply burst into tears with Nehemia’s suggestion of the meaning of “you shall be comforted”. Love you both…