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  • Dear Keith I have been fallowing you and Nehemiah and would love to have access to the wonderful work. I like to say as a pearson with Disability it’s very Hard. With this said I am requesting your help with my Journey. YeHoVaH our God dirrect you in agreement with Nehemiah and Blessings to both of you and your family prayers and Shalom.

  • Shalom! i am requesting for the Hebrew-English interlinear and translation guide you used to provide please

    • Diana, Keith will be providing a study guide for the whole of the Beatitudes after the series is finished. However, he covered the Beatitude section in the Red Letter series and they have attached pdfs for you to check out.

  • Thanks Keith:) Such a blessing!

  • The Promo video was awesome Keith! I love your studies. I took a few notes while watching this episode, what a wonderful lesson on humility. Thank you.