• Congratulation Bro Keith, the Hebrew language key to the scriptures is a priceless gift… However, I seem to have a problem, as the lesson pdf does not appear on “download”, only the introduction to the course…

  • I am also having a problem finding the Lesson PDF, I only see a one page introduction text. Also, the audio would be much more valuable to me if I could download it and take it with me on my long commutes in New York City. As it Is I am stuck sitting in front of a computer, because it does not play on my Windows Phone.

  • I have a NOKIA 636 Windows 8 phone. Download Foxit Mobile PDF from the Windows Store and you should be able to read any PDF file. I like it a lot better than Adobe.

  • My phone is a 635 not 636.

  • I also can not locate lesson 1.

  • In the Academy, please go to the right of the page and click on Biblical Hebrew Audio Course (http://bfainternational.com/type/scripturebytes/). Scroll down past the Introduction and you will find Lesson 1, including study guide. Sorry for the confusion. Karen

  • I just finished lesson 1. Lots of extra info I hadn’t learned through self-study. I found the study notes after a bit of searching. Giving kudos for putting this together-I know it is a big undertaking, but so rewarding to be able to search out the scriptures for yourself. Thanks & keep up the good work!

    Pam in Texas

  • Just wanted to let you know Keith that I tried to open the Biblical Hebrew Audio Course and I keep getting a message that it is an UNSAFE WEBSITE. Don’t know what is going on. Anyone else had that problem?

    • Carol, this seems to be an issue on your end with your browser. Try a different browser. I ann looking forward to getting you feedback!

  • Thank you, Keith, for the devotion you poured into this. Would you be able to make these lessons downloadable, please. I find, that with my connection, the streaming files tend to get stuck and will only play for so long. If I download the file, It plays just fine. Thanks again.

  • Keith

    Had a very hard time following along with the PDF. In fact I went thru it three times and never was able to follow along with what you were say. Where did I loose it??

    Thomas d mulville

  • Hello Keith

    I’m excited about the course, but joining the cry for a downloadable (MP3) format for the audio lessons, please? You know our connection issues in the remote parts of the world..
    Alternatively, could we order the full set of PDF and audio lessons by post?

  • Shalom Keith, Thanks i appreciate and I’ve shared this with my congregation, it has been my prayer that I polish up my Hebrew. Yehovah Bless!

  • Keith I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. You did an awesome job and I can’t wait for the next lesson. Thank you.


  • Thank you Keith it has been a great blessing to me look forward to the MP3 downloadable version

  • I am thrilled to have this course to study. I too would love a MP3 or iTunes version to help me study. I use an electronic tablet as my internet device.

    T raveling these past two weeks and grandchildren have slowed my personal study time however study will resume next week. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity this has been a prayerful request of mine for some time. What a blessing!!!!!

  • Keith, I just read my first Hebrew sentence yesterday, thanks to you. May you be blessed in every aspect of your life and ministry!

    a couple of questions:
    1) At the end of the first lesson, you encouraged us to put our name in the sentence, but how do I say daughter of rather than son of. Is it bat as in bat mitzvah? And if that is correct, what does it look like in the script we are studying?
    2) I want my own Hebrew text to study now. Which one do you recommend I buy?
    Again, Thank you so much!

  • Karla Leversee-Mitchell
    October 4, 2015 at 12:29 pm  /

    I love how YHVH works, yesterday I put a old cd teaching on learning Hebrew from another source (finally having a computer which could handle it). Last night as I listening to the Prophet Pearls #35, the ministry minute, praises went out too Our Father! Keith I have no doubt that your undated teaching can help me learn what YHVH believes I am ready for. Your ministry continues to Bless me, opening within me a continues hunger for all knowledge of YHVH. Thanks for being a wonderful source of inspiration and information. P.S. Karen is also a great person, who has helped me often. Blessing and Shalom

  • Can the audio be down loaded yet? if so how? Thank you so much for all the work you do and for your wonderful presentations.

  • Where is the lesson? I see the words introduction, but there is no lesson. I have downloaded the pdf, but again. AYFO?

  • Can not locate video you mentioned at end of intro to series 2. Great work thanks for doing this. I have learned more than I did in 3 years in class room…

  • I am so totally lost.

    • Linda,

      Once you begin the course things will make more sense. Just take one byte at a time :-). Feel free to ask questions as you progress.

  • The introduction pdf was a waste of time. There was only a short introduction. I would have liked to see or hear a sample of Jonah.

  • I am excited to get started. Thanks

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