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  • Thank you Keith for bringing me the context of “Jonah”.
    But I still want to ask:
    1.Why Jonah is considered so important and is read every Yom kipppur by jews?
    2.How has it been misused and misunderstood?
    As far as I am told: Jonah in belly of big fish for three days and three nights refer to Jeshua’ death underground.
    I will follow your teaching. Thanks for sharing so fabulous webinar. My heart is caught by Torah now!

  • I love it !!!

  • Thanks Keith!

  • Excellent teaching! I am excited to go on this journey into the Book of Jonah and look forward to what our Lord will reveal. I am excited to learn more of the Hebrew language through this study – so that means we will receive a double blessing from this study!

    Thank you, Keith for your energy, dedication and love for our Father and His Word!

  • Thank you so much Keith,
    I am so excited to continue with the rest of Jonah. Looking at Jonah differently now and all the parts that I have missed.
    Much appreciated.
    Well wishes to you and your family.

  • I’m excited to begin understanding Jonah more effectively! As we have followed along in the 70 ministry of Messiah (event 81, Chronological Gospels), we knew there had to be greater significance when we stopped to read Jonah all the way through.

  • Thank you, Keith, for making the Word live, for expanding our understanding, and for re-igniting the desire to delve into the riches revealed by the Hebrew language.

  • We enjoyed this presentation very much and are looking forward to seeing next week’s episode.

  • I may learn the Hebrew alphabet after all. This is exciting and your presentation is so full of energy, making this come to life. Itis good to slow down and not run to quickly through or past the verse. Thanks for helping me slow down and consider.