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  • Johnny & Gail Williams
    May 16, 2020 at 8:10 pm  /

    You ROCK! You and Nehemiah! We are set on fire for Yehovah’s WORD and you guys just keep fanning the blaze! THANK YOU BOTH for ALL you do! We can’t get enough of Yehovah! We are like baby birds chirping for more. Learning about all of these multifaceted layers of HEBREW really is life-changing. We are new to our Hebrew Roots (about 3-4 years) and this is just what Yeshuah ordered for us to dive deeper. We have spent some time in Isreal and have access to a place in Zikhron Ya’akov. We plan to visit more, as much as possible, learning more and more about THE LAND! We would move there if we could. I hear negotiations may be in the works to allow this in the future. With Yehovah, anything is possible. We live in the Nashville, TN area (North..Hendersonville). If you guys are ever in the area let us know!

  • For those interested in further study, I posted I link to Howard’s study in The Gospel of Matthew According to a Primitive Hebrew Text in the comment section of phase one Red Letter Introduction. For further study here’s a link to another article by Howard and the article that he responded to . Keep studying

  • Thank you for all you do, may Yehova continue to bless you with your continued teachings of the truth of his word. I am thankful that you are going to do the Hebrew gospel of Mathew. Since learning Hebrew I have grown so much in understanding and his word and I thank Yehova that you two are bringing about so much more for us to learn and understand. It is a great time to be alive to hear these truths come to light you are both a blessing to his people, all those who thirst for his word.

  • Took me a minute find where I could say this:

    PLEASE study the Shem Tov Matthew with Nehemia (10!). Maybe mention the Du Tillet version if it’s pertinent, too?


  • Yes please do the Hebrew gospel of Mathew with Nehemiah! I give it a 10

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.