• What an amazing ending to an amazing series. Thank you!!!

    May YAHUAH bless you and keep you.
    May YAHUAH make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
    May YAHUAH lift up His countenance toward you and give you HIS shalom!!!

    In Yahshua’s name, Amein.

  • Hasn’t almost all of humanity bowed and now bows to Babylon the Great, also known as “this present evil age”, and that within a few years after the sacrifice of the Redeemer, His true doctrine was perverted into false doctrine which no man, including Luther, even until now, has “reformed”, but has only brought forth a different version of the same perversion? Isn’t it only when the Redeemer returns that there will be the true restoration, the true “reformation”?

  • Thank you Keith for your teachings. Knowing that the courage it took for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to stand firm in their faith even at the point of possible death, was built on a foundation of RELATIONSHIP with Yehovah God, and not on religion. I pray that if I am ever put to the test I will have built on the relationship with Yehovah and Yeshua so that there will be no doubt in my mind I will stand firm also.

  • Hi Jake, someone told me the other day that I was “getting hung up” on a Name, when Yehovah looks upon the heart. The Word says “the heart is decietful above all things”. It’s not about us being reformed because we can’t reform ourselves no matter how hard we try, but it is exactly what Keith describes in “Decision Time”…the Holy Ghost clothing Himslef with our “tent” – which is the Baptism Yehoshua performs (“with fire”). You are correct when you says that Yehoshua will restore all things (1 Corinthians 13:12-13), but in the meantime, He has bestowed “gifts unto men”…”for the perfecting of the saints”, namely Apostles, Prophets, Evenagelist, Pastors and Teachers. In the Tanakah you had the Law and the Prophets. In the New Testament you have this “5 Fold Ministry”. These things that you are hearing from Keith and Nekhemia are prophetic in nature. These two men, whether they know it or not, are helping to bring about this time you are refering to. They are “ushering it in”. Yehoshua did not come the first time without a trumpet blower – John. He will not come a second time without one either. In this case, two witnesses. Praise Yehovah!

  • Jake, if you would like to know more about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost that Yehoshua performs as seen in both the Old Testament Scriptures, as well as the new, you can email me at jahogan2014@gmail.com. This is what’s been lacking in our “churches” throughout history and the reason we keep yearning for reformation that never comes. Man has been robbed of the knowledge of the Holy Ghost and has been trying to reform himself for centuries. This is one of those things along with His Name that has been stolen from us. Brother, the mere fact that you are searching these things out is proof that you are being led by the Spirit of Yehovah to higher and greater things. I hope that you find peace in that.

  • Yeshua comes from “Yehovah” and “Yoshia” – Yehovah and “he saves”, or Yehoshua – Yeshua for short. Meaning “Yehovah, our Salvation”.

    Now watch this, it gets even better!

    “John” (the baptizer) comes from the SAME ROOT NAME – Yehovah, and “hanan” (or “chanan”) meaning “GRACIOUS” or “MERCY”. Here you have Yehohanan, or Yehanan for short. The meaning? “Yehovah is GRACIOUS”…”Keeping MERCY for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression an sin…”(Exodus 34:7).

    It’s all connected to His One Name Yehovah! Yehanan preceding Yehoshua…GRACE and MERCY ushering in SALVATION!!! I LOVE IT!!!! AMEN?!

    Do you see what we’re missing through our transilterations of the names into English? Keith and Nekhemia are SPOT ON!!!

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