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  • Today, Nov. 12 Yehuda is able to breathe unassisted and can make phone calls. Thanks and praise to the mighty everliving God who has brought our brother through the valley of the shadow of death. May he live a long and good life in service to Yehovah, the Father and God of our savior Yeshua Messiah.

  • ABBA YHWH, Your touch of healing upon our brother Yehuda Glick, please, that he will be up and about, fully healed and restored to good health to accomplish what he has started in righteousness that Yerusalem be a place of prayer for Your people. Amein!

  • This is so sad, why can’t life be simple again!
    I am tired of the People that are trouble-makers and Haters of the Jews!
    This World needs the Messiah to return!
    I hate the Lawlessness of people!
    Cannot they see we need the law of the Creator to deliver us!
    Yeshua please come soon!

  • Having said that, (above), In the name Yeshua his healing will be so fast and perfect that the assassin types will think twice next time.

  • I think you should pray for his healing on Temple Mount!

  • I Stand in prayer with you Keith for our brother Yehuda. May he recover soon. Shalom

  • Jerusalem is a very troubled place now and much needs to be done to protect peaceful residents and allow access to the Temple Mount. But for now we pray to the mighty Living God to heal our brother Yehuda and grant him the desires of his heart to see the day when all who wish may pray on Yehovah’s holy hill.

  • Yes! Add a donation to BFA to my order.