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  • Thank You.

    about 3 years ago I began my journey searching for the truth. I grew tired of hearing what the church was saying when it did not make sense. I looked at Judaism, Messianic and other denominations. Still something was missing. I came across Michael Rood and then Nehemia. When I came across the open door series and heard you, I knew that you and Nehemia were teaching the truth.

    But I could not just accept what you guys taught, I had to dig for myself. I don’t read or understand Hebrew, yet. But the resources I came across to understand Hebrew only confirmed the truth you were teaching.

    Again, thank you.

    Baruch Ata Yehova.

    Greeneville, TN

  • Hi Keith – if I can add to the debate (if it is a debate.) from somebody who moved from Christianity through Messianic for a short while and all the way to Karaism, I feel uncomfortable with Christians using the Name and would prefer them not to know it. My Christian spouse uses it and I always think of Ezekiel 14 where people came to hear what YHVH would say, but came with another god (perhaps Jesus?) in their heart. He says He will not listen to them. Using the right Name makes a person more prone to blasphemy. At least until now, people did not sin in their ignorance and ‘God saw their heart’.

  • It is a hard thing to admit one has been barking up the wrong tree. I like the way you show hard evidence to back up your beliefs. I had heard the ” vowel points of Adonai” comment and used to see if it was true. I noticed it was not and tossed the idea out.
    I also saw the problem with the “yah”shuah crowd. I may only have a first grade reading level of Hebrew, but it doesn’t take a PHD to see some of the “alternate facts” these people are presenting are not facts at all. I just wish more people would test what the “experts” are saying. So many teachings are passed down through traditions of men. It is so disturbing to find out how many false teachings I grew up with and have to correct them. Sometimes I don’t know and teach my kids several theories and tell them is alright not to know and to change your view when you get better information. Seek God’s truth always and if one is wrong, conform to the truth. Thank you for your hard work.

  • We have been living in the blessings of this information for many years now. It has been nothing but liberating and empowering. The TRUTH has a way of making itself known. We thank everyone at BFA for YOUR part in that!

    On the name, i always felt the placement of THE NAME in Traditional hebrew names, helped to make it easy to understand.
    EX: Yeshua vs Eleyahu. Short form for THE name either way but placement decides pronunciation. So if its at the beginning, like it is in YHVH, then it is YeHoVaH. Simple. And a real blessing to boot…

  • Great work brother! One example in a Hebrew text of Yahweh not offered….WOW! What about the alternative Yahoo-ah? Any evidence of that and if so how many times? Not holding my breath on that one either. Now, this is not to imply it doesn’t happen, but if praise and prayer to our heavenly father is as “important to use the proper name” as the elder indicated, I would ask a question. It is my experience that as a Christian prayers are offered predominantly, if not exclusively, in the name of Jesus or the title LORD. It would be interesting to hear his testimony of how often he prays in the name Yahweh, vice the usual conventions. I cannot recall EVER in a Christian setting hearing what you did in the video by RESTORING the name Y’hovah to scripture. Halleluyah et Y’hovah tz’va-ot!!

  • Keith, Thank you for sharing this and making the video! Great work. I had not seen or heard of this other video being out there, but am familiar with Don Esposito from many years ago. (nothing to say on that – good or bad)

    I came into the Hebrew Roots understanding of things in about April 2006 and would hear Yahweh often. For some reason, that name always grated on me like “nails on a chalk board”. It wasn’t until I heard Nehemia and you declare YHVH’s name as “Yehovah” that I felt I had heard truth! Of course I got your 2 books and all of Nehemia’s (so far). Not as some form of “hero worship” but each one had more Truth and helped confirm in greater depth the evidence and facts (real world and spiritual) around God’s name being YEHOVAH! This has been an awesome revelation over the past several years.

    I have actually met Nehemia a few times (up here in Washington State) and shared meals and discussion a few times in homes. He was always honest and humble and I was able to know he was not some ‘kook’ out there with a new theory. I’ve never met you yet, but have heard you two many times doing “Torah Pearls” and “Prophet Pearls” and am convinced that you too are sincere, honest and a humble man of God. That goes a long way with me when deciding who to trust.

    On top of all of that, though, is the EVIDENCE you both bring out. Unlike these other men, who showed nothing in Hebrew, you and Nehemia show it and prove it in the Hebrew manuscripts!! I truly believe some people don’t want any more Truth. They get to a point where “I can handle anything new”, and they close down. That is true about millions of people who refuse to hear Truth of God whether it’s the Gospel, the Torah, The Feast Days, the Biblical Calendar, the Holy Name of God, etc.

    Now what you need to work on – somehow – is getting talented people to come up with songs using the correct name Yehovah! There are so many with Yahweh and I just can’t listen to them. I’m not the least bit musical or I would do it, but you have many connections, maybe you have a way to encourage that.

    As a side note, but because of your work and Nehemia’s, I decided a few years ago to start my own youtube channel. It’s very small, and NOT very professional at all, but the name of it is: Return to Yehovah! I just want to be one more voice out there proclaiming the Creator’s Name to whoever will listen. Thank you again for all you do.

    Yehovah bless you and keep you and your family. Gregg

  • Thank you for this video. I trust Nehemia over someone I do not know. This man may think he is right but really the encyclopedia and Strongs?????

  • At 14:06 – Aleppo Lebanon. I thought it was in Syria. Not even the exact location on the map. I think just because one lives in Israel for 20 years doesn’t make one an expert in Hebrew. I’d rather trust Nehemia.

  • Brother………….. Simply AWESOME !!!