• Great series so much info and lots of challenge. I pray that the truth will be spread world wide and you and your family and team will be protected in your mission.
    Keep going, and thank you. -Jackie

  • Yeah buddy!! This final episode is like a whirlwind of karate! It hits hard and fast leaving the enemy quite exposed! I am so happy and greatfull to have the oportunity to suport BFA. It is this kind of stuff that can “set the prisoners free”! I only hope that there are many more “installments” on the way!!! Thank you for your ministry, its a big bad world full of deception. Its pretty hard not to get sold a pack o’ lies in biblical pursuits, but BFA is nothing like all the agents of darkness. Please be of good heart and know that you are doing The will of YeHoVah!!! -Daniel

  • Takes my breath away. Stunned and stunning. Stark delineation between Promise and compromise. Now IS the time. Yehovah is calling His to come out and be separate, to distinguish between the holy and the profane.-Rose Mary

  • This is serious information, these episodes have opened our eyes to so much that has been hidden. In this chaotic time we need to be alert and watch as the truth unfolds! keep up the good work. – Diana

  • Excellent work.
    I just really hope that this whole series will one day be available on youtube, so that the whole world could see it and share it. -Kre

  • This series has been a pure gem, a treasure and a huge win. I hope this gets to any and all outlets so that the world can hear the truth behind the lies we’ve all been told for years. -Michael

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