BFA International Announces the Year of the Book

Join our friends around the globe who have accepted the invitation to read the entire Book in 365 consecutive days!

What Book are we talking about?

Some folks call it the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanakh, “all scripture,” “the oracles of God,” the “word of God” or as we say at BFA International...the Book!

Join the Readers of the Book Club

When you sign up you will have on-demand access to all free resources, such as:

  • The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew Interactive Page
  • The Red Letter Series
  • Scripture Bytes Series
  • Hear from the Scholars | Name Explained Resource Page
  • Return to the Book Live Conference: Encore
  • The first episodes of all premium video series and more!

As soon as you sign up

you will receive a PDF reading guide with live links to additional BFA study resources that you can use on your 365-day journey. We will also send you a SPECIAL discount coupon to purchase the Israel Bible that many of our friends will be using as their Book!

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