Learn about the biblical calendar in this free video titled: It's About Time

Time is a unique creation of God. In fact, it plays an important role in our relationship with Him. Many of God’s people are unaware that their clocks and calendars—even their “sacred” ones—are not synchronized with God’s time as revealed in Scripture. Consequently, they are not on God’s schedule and are missing out on the blessing of meeting with Him at his special appointed times! There’s no time like the present to discover the blessings of encountering and applying God’s time in your life. It’s a fascinating journey of information, inspiration, and revelation!

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Now is the Time

Get ready to take a journey that will open eyes and ears to what is happening just beneath the surface of American soil. We call this new miniseries “Now Is The Time: Revealing Secrets, Restoring Truth.”

Countdown to a Miracle

To say “the plot thickens” in part two of the Right on Time series is an understatement! Follow Keith Johnson and his biblical calendar comrade Nehemia Gordon as they innocently trespass at a place called “The Eyes of Israel” atop Mount Hermon overlooking Syria.

Clock Crisis Promotion

Join the international audience that heard Keith’s Passover message titled “The Clock Crisis.” Travel with Keith and his trusty video camera as he describes the present clock crisis facing the people of God and explains how the Time Will Tell series will help answer the crucial questions surrounding this timely subject.

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