Watch the “Ten Matters That Still Matter to God" introductory video.

Did you know that the Ten Commandments are translated as Ten Matters in the original Hebrew Bible? If you are enjoying this process of discovery, then “keep studying” with us for the entire 10-part series. If you like what you see, please share Scripture Bytes with family and friends! Our aim is to saturate the world with the Word of God.

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Passport from Heaven

In this first program we take a closer look at Isaiah 56:6 and what it means to “join” oneself to the Creator of the universe. Then we invite listeners to keep reading to find out where in the world God’s “passport from heaven” will take us.

The Second Matter

Some have concluded that God is in some way plural. But how does such a notion line up with the scriptural witness that there is one—and only one—God? Fortunately, this problem can be solved through understanding Hebrew grammar, without the need to resort to manmade theology.

The Third Matter

Our series continues with a study of the misunderstood phrase “take God’s name in vain.” In addition to a careful analysis of the Hebrew text behind this phrase, Keith also offers a free download of a section from his book His Hallowed Name Revealed Again that goes deeper into this subject to uncover the treasure of biblical information, inspiration, and revelation that comes from this third matter that still matters to God.

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